Arugula, Apricot and Walnut Salad with Apricot-Pinot Noir Vinaigrette


One more recipe with apricots but this time I’m sharing a savory salad using apricots with toasted walnuts, arugula dressed in a tangy apricot-pinot noir vinaigrette and a locally made sheep’s milk cheese shaved over the top.  The local cheese is Weirauch Farm & Creamery Saint Rose raw aged farmstead sheep from Petaluma.  This particular cheese is only available for a short period of time and it’s worth heading up to the Santa Rosa Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning to pick up a piece for yourself to enjoy on your salad or however you like.

This year Weirauch Farm & Creamery won a Good Food Award for their Saint Rose sheep’s milk cheese and they say this award makes their cheese even more delicious.  The nice folks at Weirauch Farm & Creamery shared on their Facebook page that the secret ingredient in Saint Rose sheep cheese is love, lots and lots of love.  I think you can taste the love and that’s one of the main reasons Saint Rose was so good shaved on top of my salad.

I’ve been inspired by my copy of Vegetarian Times Special Edition Farmers Market Summer Cookbook magazine and will be headed to the Santa Rosa farmer’s market with lots of ideas for seasonal veggie recipes.  I hope to pick up a a bag of peaches, a loaf of fresh baked bread and another piece of Saint Rose, I think I found my new favorite cheese for the Summer season.

I also want to mention the Pinot Noir Reserve Wine Vinegar I used in my vinaigrette, the brand is Napa Valley Naturals and although it’s bottled in the US, it comes from Modena, Italy.  I found it at Oliver’s market in Santa Rosa but it can be ordered at Napa Valley Naturals.  I like the flavor of Pinot Noir wine in this salad but it’s also good with extra-virgin olive oil on tomato, sweet basil and mozzarella cheese salads, yum.



  1. I was hooked at sheep’s milk cheese. This salad looks too good – and I’m starving. :D

  2. Patty, this salad looks so good…and the apricot-pinot noir vinaigrette sounds really exotic…beautiful and so refreshing.
    Have a great week :D

  3. Yes, please! Especially beautiful and delicious as we melt here on the east coast!

  4. Gorgeous summer salad! I don’t know what I love more, the shavings of cheese or the apricot vinaigrette. Either way, this looks like a winner!

  5. Summer in a plate, Patty. The pinot dressing sounds marvelous.

  6. Sure looks delicious! Pinning to my salad board :)

  7. Another salad made to perfection…this is gorgeous, Patty! …and I LOVE the dressing!!!

  8. Breathtaking photos Patty! You have captured summer on a plate with the enchanting Arugula Apricot Walnut Salad!

  9. Sweet or savory – keep those apricot dishes flowing!

  10. Your salads are amazing! I need to now call you the Salad Queen! My parents are coming over for dinner this Saturday and your salad I think might need to make the menu. Loving that cheese – need to order or better yet pick some up. Saw your note about a new restaurant – would love to check it out – email me and we can find a date that works – it would be great to catch up with you!

  11. So exotic!! I love the apricot pinot noir vinaigrette. Bet it adds so much of delicious summery flavors :)

  12. Patty I love this salad and the dressing. The dressing is so different, I don’t recall ever putting jam in my vinaigrette, it sounds yummy.

    I love that magazine when it comes out. I’m guessing it’s the summer issue? I’ll have to see if I can find it and pick one up.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe, I’ve saved it try later.

  13. What a gorgeous summer salad this is, Patty! I love the sweet-salty flavors of it and the gorgeous, summery colors.

  14. Great use of apricots in a savory dish. I am loving mixing fruit in salads this summer!

  15. Hello, beautiful salad!! We need to meet, face to face.

  16. Yes! I love apricot recipes. I have no idea they’re not more popular. Especially when they’re baked. SO good! Love this summery and different salad. :)

  17. A delightful, bright and delicious salad! The dressing sounds wonderful too.

  18. I love apricots but have never used them in a salad. Of course you Patty would come up with and elegant, gorgeous, and flavourful apricot salad recipe. Thanks for sharing Patty and I hope you have a great weekend.:) xx

  19. You make the most amazing salads Patty and this one is no exception. Love the apricots!

  20. I am SO envious of your fresh apricots (again!). Your salad looks incredible!!!

  21. This salad looks worthy to be served at the very best restaurants! So pretty and what a vibrancy of colors!

  22. This salad looks divine – all flavours that I love. I can’t wait to try this here.

    And I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your father. Sending my love.

  23. You’ve outdone yourself here, Patty. Absolutely gorgeous salad both your images and the ingredients. You not only had me at your images, but “apricot-pinot-noir-vinaigrette” Making this for hubbs this weekend!

  24. Is this the most amazing vinaigrette or what Patty?!?! Simply gorgeous salad!

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