Baked Sunday Mornings Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Scones

I have a small confession to make about my Baked Sunday Mornings scones-they are chock full of rolled flax instead of oatmeal as well as filled with cookie butter in place of peanut butter!  I wasn’t attempting to get fancy on this lovely recipe, no it’s much simpler than that…I just wanted to use up stuff in my pantry which even though I recently spent time organizing it, is still overflowing with ingredients I want and need to use up!  My small changes worked well, the scones were very well received and I think it goes to show that this scone recipe is extremely versatile, which is much appreciated when you want to bake from your pantry without running to the grocery store.  So, thanks Baked Sunday Mornings, grab a cup of coffee and a scone and please pass me the Food section, it looks good this morning!
Here is the recipe for Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Scones from Baked Sunday Mornings.

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  1. Patty, this sounds wonderful. Love that you made the substitutions, always a good sign for a flexible recipe! I will be giving these a try soon! Pinned.

  2. Your scones look wonderful. I have never heard of cookie butter….but will be googling it shortly. I like the idea of flax seeds in it. Certainly makes it more healthy! Nice idea.

  3. These look incredible, Patty! I love your change of ingredients…bet they’re better than the original! I could have used one of these a few hours ago with my morning coffee! Have a great Sunday!

  4. What a fantastic treat to start your Sunday! Patty – these look supreme. I bet your house smells amazing. Hope you have a lovely Sunday!!

  5. Your scones look wonderful – they’re just packed with yummy things!

  6. Your scones look like giant cookies! I’m all for the use of cookie butter, anytime, anywhere. :D

  7. Very nicely done, Patty! And, very smart! They look wonderful & I like the mini chocolate chips.

  8. I have a pantry full of ingredients that I need to use up so I appreciate your substitutions here. Great to know that is such a versatile recipe. Beautiful looking scones!

  9. Gorgeous scones, Patty! You can never go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate chip! I’d love one for an afternoon snack with my coffee :).

  10. I need a baked good to take to my knitting group on Friday morning…and I think it will be scones!!! I think my girlfriends will like the cookie butter even better than peanut butter…mmmmmm.

  11. Patty, these are so pretty they almost took my breath away when your site opened up! Wow, they sound amazing! And the flax definitely makes up for the cookie butter! :)

  12. Love flax – meal, seed….. what a great idea. They look wonderful AND healthy!

  13. Patty, I’ve never tried rolled flax? I have tried to incorporate flax seed into my diet, but I swear, the flax aftertaste gets me every time. Do you get that with the rolled flax?

    Your scones look yummy. Biscoff scones sound delish…

    • pattysfood says:

      Hi Linda, I didn’t think there was a bad taste with the rolled flax, just a little chewier than the oats~Patty

  14. I love the idea of making substitutions with these. I think it is one of the great things about scones. And now I have to go find some cookie butter since everyone keeps talking about it.

  15. Oh, sooo smart! I thought about using almond butter, but cookie butter? Even better! And I like your idea of using rolled flax.

  16. Are you reading my mind, lol? I have some cookie butter lurking in the pantry needing using up. I was thinking I haven’t made scones in way too long. Where did the weekend go? I hope you had a good one. Looking forward to Friday.

  17. Yum, looks like cookies for breakfast sounds good to me! I just recently saw a recipe similar to this and was wondering how good they would be, a must make soon recipe for me :)

  18. These scones are amazing! So are the photos, Patty. Even the serving plates!!

  19. Cookie butter? I’M SO THERE.

  20. Just lovely. I’ve made and enjoyed quite a few scones but this flavor combination is so fresh! I can’t wait to make a batch. Thank you for sharing, Patty. I wish I could join you for breakfast!

  21. Such a beautiful batch of scones! Love the flavors you used, too. Thanks for sharing Patty!

  22. I thought about swapping in cookie butter too– it sounds awesome! I will try that another time for sure, and it’s good to know that it works in this recipe. :)

  23. cookie butter? yum! your pictures are so pretty :)

  24. Oh, my, goodness!!! This would be an I’ve died and gone to heaven sort of treat!!! All my favorites there… oatmeal and pb… it doesn’t get much better than that!!

  25. Your scones look terrific! Good substitutions; I keep saying I should use up what’s in my pantry before buying more ingredients, but it doesn’t always happen. I recently made cookie butter (Biscoff) scones from the King Arthur site.

  26. It’s like a cookie in a scone! Why not? Who says we can’t have cookies for breakfast! Guess who’s waking up hungry tomorrow? ME! Because I’ll be dreaming about this all night long!

  27. Wonderful looking scones….Love the substitutions you made! The cookie cream had to give these a lovely flavor! Beautifully done!

  28. If someone bakes this on weekend morning, I’ll be the first one sitting at the table (to make sure I get enough portion….lol!). I can imagine these scones are coming out of the oven… FRESH! I have lots of great baker blogger friends but not in my circle of friends who would bake and share with me… I have to wake up and make these on my own… would you send me some? :D Hehee.

  29. What a great idea to get some healthy flax seed in there! They look wonderful, Patty. Hmmm…I might have to try your version with the speculoos spread that I have from TJs.

  30. I love these scones, they are a little better for you with the oats in there. Plus pb and chocolate can never be wrong – or even better cookie butter!

  31. I like everything about these scones, Patty–the texture and how loaded they are with good stuff! This would be more like breakfast, lunch and dinner if I had my say! :)

  32. Your scones sound wonderful, what a great combination!

  33. When I clicked the recipe link it brought me to a whole other recipe. Can you send me the recipe for these scones because they look AMAZING!!!

    • pattysfood says:

      Hi Andrea, the scone recipe is at that link but it’s not the ‘home’ recipe anymore, so you have to scroll through the Baked recipe site to find it now, which I know is very confusing-Patty

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