Banana Apricot Bread with Apricot-Pluot Jam

Summertime and the livin’ is easy, fish are jumpin’ and the apricot trees are loaded with apricots.  I created my own mini heatwave in the kitchen over the weekend with both apricot-pluot jam bubbling away in the preserving kettle and a loaf of banana apricot bread in the oven.  It was worth it.  Apricots are sweet and ripe right now.  We actually had a small harvest from our apricot tree last week, so in addition to the large bag I bought at the farmer’s market my crisper drawer is full of apricots.  Yes to an apricot smoothie, salad, jam, bread, pie….this list is making me smile because I’m a huge fan of fresh apricots.  I also jumped on the Dapple Dandy sweet juicy pluot love train with this recipe for apricot-pluot jam.  Sweet and juicy pluots are good cooked down with the apricots in this jam, which is also added along with the apricots to my banana bread.  I shared my bread over the weekend, taste testers liked it, commenting that you could really taste the apricots.  Score- a new favorite banana bread recipe!  Always good to find a new favorite recipe using apricots during our short but heavenly apricot season.My plan is to share a few more recipes made with my apricot bounty over the next weeks and then move on to sharing lighter Summer fare using both my local farmer’s market finds as well as my own small garden harvest.  My tomatoes don’t love this crazy hot cold weather we’ve been experiencing but I do have corn, squash, peppers, green beans, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and the most beautiful eggplants-love that purple color in the garden.  I’ve been making sandwiches using sliced turkey spread with mustard rolled up in basil or arugula leaves for lunch -hopefully will be adding larger sliced tomatoes from my garden soon.  My favorite lunch this Summer is one of my turkey herb roll ups followed by a sweet ripe piece of fruit, like a couple of small apricots.  My favorite breakfast this week -a slice of my banana apricot bread  with a spoonful of apricot-pluot jam on top.I was seeing apricots at my local farmer’s market for a couple of weeks before I felt I had the time to bring home a large bag to make my favorite apricot jam.  Now I’m doing the same thing with the peaches, tasting and buying a few…I’m getting ready to take the plunge with the a couple of weeks, for sure before vacation.  I hope this is sounding like so much fruit and too little time because that’s exactly how I feel every time I pay my local farmer’s market a visit this Summer.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:97]


  1. This is such a lovely looking bread, Patty! Great summery flavors!

  2. I love apricots, this bread looks like such a winner and I love your homemade jam! :)

  3. They both sound and look so delicious and the apricot/banana combination sounds better than any other twist on banana bread that’s out there – even chocolate! Happy summer, Patty :)

  4. Bring on the apricots and plouts! Love, love, love! Your bread looks amazing and a must make. Okay and that jam is divine – you know how I love a great jam. (Sorry we missed you at Gina’s a few weeks ago) Let’s plan a time to get together – seems like forever and would love to catch up. :-)

  5. delicious.. i love to have all the whole loaf

  6. Patty, this is gorgeous, and sounds so delicious! I can’t wait to try it…and the yummy jam, too! My grandson loves me to make banana bread…and this is a great new variation! I loved this so much, I also shared it on my FB page! Thanks for sharing these great recipes! xox

  7. Oh.. will you look at those apricots… U lucky lucky woman!! :) This looks absolutely gorgeous.. such a happy, sunny cake!!

  8. What a marvelous looking quick bread! It’s double delicious served with homemade apricot jam, Patty.

  9. Pairing apricots with ripe bananas and jam in your Banana Bread recipe is a scrumptious idea! I finished the Blenheim jam and still have a few more apricots! (Twenty pounds of fruit is a lot!) What a perfect recipe Patty; I have all the ingredients waiting for me!

  10. Oh, you West coasters and your gorgeous fruit and limitless supply of avocados… :-)

    This looks amazing, Patty. Your apricot bounty sounds wonderful!

  11. Both the bread and jam look amazing!

  12. There’s nothing like a comforting loaf of homemade bread and delicious whiffs from homemade jam :)

  13. This looks so good! I just brought my boys peach, plum, and apricot picking this week. Do you think I could substitute peaches for the banana?

    • pattysfood says:

      Thanks Jen, I’m not sure peaches would work the same as bananas in a banana bread but I would be curious!

  14. My kind of heat wave! The jam sounds so utterly delicious! And the bread looks like something I would love to be eating right now! I just love summertime and the smell of fresh fruit cooking away in the kitchen! Lovely post, Patty!

  15. Banana bread with apricots and nuts..yes please. All those apricots look so good, how nice to have such a wonderful market to get them from.

  16. I love the idea of adding apricots to banana bread! I can’t wait to try this variation.

  17. I’m catching up in reverse but loving this apricot bonanza you’ve got going on here! I’ll take three slices, please – with lots of apricot jam. :D

  18. Yum, what a delicious bread! Banana bread is always a hit, but adding apricots is such a great idea!

  19. You have an apricot tree?! Lucky! That sounds heavenly. And yes… please continue sharing apricot recipes for the next several weeks! Apricots need more love.

    This bread looks delightful! And plenty light to me. :)

  20. I sure wish I could go to a market and find apricots like those! What a delightful bread they would make!

  21. Oh, I want to live next door to you Patti! Maybe a few of your apricots would drop on my side of the fence. Or maybe I’d find a bowl of them on the fence! The jam sounds wonderful and this bread just amazing!

  22. You put an interesting spin to good old banana bread! Love it! I think I will try this soon!


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