Blackberry Mascarpone Cookie Sundae

Saturday night and everybody went to the game except me and the ‘Littles’, we played with our iPads and watched a movie while waiting for the 49ers v Packers play off game to start.  I concocted this cookie sundae idea for my ‘Littles’ who deserve this treat because they are going to be so good during the game!

And what a game it was- fast forward to Sunday night and all is well in the San Francisco Bay Area-Congratulations San Francisco 49ers!!!

I found both the Madagascar Vanilla Powder and the Lavender Vanilla Bean Sugar that I used in the mascarpone cookies at Savory Spice Shop but they can also be ordered at Savory Spice Shop if you’re interested in one of them or both.  I don’t think there is going to be any scent left in the jar of Lavender Vanilla Bean Sugar  because I can’t stopping taking the lid off and smelling it.

The mascarpone cookies are made without butter which makes them lighter than a large buttery sugar cookie but every bit as tasty. The ‘Littles’ loved them and ate all the cookie scraps left from cutting out the circles.  If you don’t make the sundaes, please try the cookies-they are so easy and can be served broken apart from the large baked cookie instead of taking the time to cut out the circles.


  1. Patty, I want one of these for my dessert! Perfect flavors, I love Mascarpone and blackberries! :)

  2. Well, you know I love lavender, lady–and don’t these look delightful? That sugar sounds SO good! Lavender and vanilla go together like peanut butter and chocolate, don’tchaknow? :) Have a great week! You’ll see 2013 may well be the year of the ball after all. HA HA! P.S. Lucky Littles!

    • pattysfood says:

      Thanks Hope-I love lavender sugar-it’s so fragrant and I found a great source at the Savory Spice Shop-highly recommended! Have a great week too;-)

  3. Oh yum, I’m a blackberry lover so these look so fantastic! Sounds like you had a nice time with the kiddos.

  4. Your sundaes look delicious! Such beautiful colors. Congratulations to the 49ers!

  5. Your sundae is so perfect! Mascarpone cookies look so delicious and black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream? I’ve never had it before. I have to look for that. It was a great game indeed!

  6. will you look at the colours on this dessert!!! stunning!!!

  7. Give me mascarpone anything, and I adore it with the blackberry! Perfect combination! Have a great week, Patty!

  8. Gorgeous Patty! This look like a piece of art work, almost too pretty to eat ……………. almost. I love everything about this dessert, the ingredients, the color, the presentation, a WOW all the way around!

  9. What a beautiful recipe!

  10. Patty, you use the best ingredients! I really love it served with fresh blackberries and ice cream. Irresistible!

  11. Hello, I’m little! Can I come over next time and have a sundae, pretty please! I’ve never seen raspberry ice cream with chocolate, you find all the best stuff. I’ve never tried cookies with mascarpone, will have to soon. Happy Monday, I spent the afternoon recharging in the sunshine, he he.

  12. Congrats to your 49′ers! Hopefully your son can walk away with a ring at the end of the season!

  13. Now of course the Littles were well behaved…who wouldn’t be with yummy cookies, luscious blackberries and Graeter’s ice cream at their disposal!!! Plus, their team won :)

  14. Awesome cookie / sundae, Patty! I bet that you are the SF 49er’s press box’s fave person. With treats like this, you will kill stadium business! Who wants stale cookies when you can get fresh ones from you? Seriously, you should start a baking business. Delish to the last bite!

  15. What glorious color. This looks delicious and would disappear quickly from my table. Have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  16. I’ve got to tell you, Patty…..I can justify eating this for breakfast! Everything you make is so colorful, warm and enticing! And your photography just blows my hair back! : )

  17. Wow Patty, another wonderful dessert…mascarpone cookies? They sure sound and look great…even more paired with fresh blackberries and ice cream.
    Have a great week!

  18. This really looks so great, i allways get so inspired by your recipes :)! Thanks for sharing!

    Love from the Netherlands!
    xo Rosie

  19. Wow!! Patty these look amazing! I love using vanilla powder and recently getting into lavender. Thanks for sharing:)

  20. I’m in love with lavender sugar and I’ve never tasted it! I’m off to investigate and make my own so I can recreate this sundae. Gorgeous photos.

  21. I am in love with the colors, textures and flavors of this dessert. I’d happily babysit the Littles if you make this treat available. :)

  22. Love the color of that ice cream – it just POPS! What a perfect treat and I bet the littles enjoyed every bite. Lovely photos!!!!

  23. We’re still weeping here in Wisconsin! Congrats to the 49ers though, they played a better game.

    Those mascarpone cookies sound delicious! What a beautiful idea for a sundae.

  24. What a beautiful treat for your little ones…I bet after this they were happy to let you enjoy your game :)

  25. I have never had a mascarpone cookie! They look wonderful and with those blackberries and ice cream- YUM!

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