Buttery Apricot-Pluot Jam Sandwich Cookies

Summer fun with jam and cookies.  My apricot-pluot jam is both baked inside these buttery jam cookies as well as sandwiched in between a few of them.  The fun of  homemade jam along with a few tasty bites of cookies and fresh apricots is what I’m sharing here today.   Sweet buttery jam cookies have just enough added apricot-pluot jam for a definite apricot flavor but not so much that a spoonful of jam sandwiched between two cookies doesn’t make them taste even better.  I am in the ‘you can never eat enough apricot jam camp’ where I plan on staying for awhile.  I’ll spread my apricot jam on bread for breakfast for at least the rest of the Summer or until I run out….and that will most likely never happen because I have more than a few good sources for homemade jam and if you’re reading this-Gina spcookiequeen-you know who you are!

Earlier this week My husband and I went to a SF Giants day game where we watched them lose miserably to the NY Mets 7-2 but at least the sun was shining in our section and it felt warm, like Summer.  Later in the afternoon- from our office in downtown San Francisco I watched the fog roll in and the sky turn grey, our natural air conditioning (as we affectionately refer to the weather this time of year) had just kicked in.  On the rare days in San Francisco when the wind stops blowing, the fog stays out over the Pacific somewhere and the temperature heats up-you’ve never seen more people out on the streets trying to soak up a little sun.  And if it really heats up-you’ve never heard more people complain about heat-that’s just the way it is in our mostly cool Summer city.

Weather and food are two of my favorite topics and I wish I had more to report on the weather front than fog drifting in over the city but that’s about it.  At least when the fog moves in all of us Bay Area bakers can turn on our ovens without fear of heat stroke, especially for a small batch of buttery jam cookies.


  1. wow My mouth is watering, Patty. These buttery apricot sandwich cookies look marvelous!

  2. Oh, I love apricot jam….these cookies look absolutely delicious.

  3. Oh, boy, these are just gorgeous cookies…and your jam looks incredible! It’s exactly what I want on my morning toast. I think I better start dropping hints to Gina ;)

  4. I have been indulging in yogurt with a scoop of homemade jam for my afternoon snack. But after seeing your charming jam filled sandwich cookies I am warming my oven to make cookies! A sultry summer post!

  5. Patty, your photos of these pretty little cookies are just sensational. I feel like I’m sitting right at the table with you making them! Wonderful, summery treats… I love it!

  6. In and out yummy jam cookies…ohhh, I want some!

  7. Oh buttery sandwich cookies might be my ultimate weakness! These are just lovely, Patty!

  8. I love weather and food as well. I almost became a meteorologist – I don’t recall why I decided not to. To this day I still love the weather, my kids think I’m crazy but it’s fascinating. I even know the cloud formations.

    As for food, well I’m sure you realize I love that but I also love these cute little tasty orbs that you’ve created with homemade jam. How fun are these!

  9. Wow…These look amazing!! Love your photos, Patty!

  10. Cristina says:

    This image should be on the cover of some of the best food mags…so happy, bright and draws you in. Just beautiful, Patty. I will make these cookies and would love to try the pluot jam (never had a pluot before!). Pinning to my new cookie board. ;)

    • pattysfood says:

      Thanks Christina! I think you’re going to like these cookies and the jam is wonderful ;) Thanks for pinning!

  11. Oh my – these are my kind of cookie! I’ll take three dozen :-)

  12. My mouth is watering Patty! These look divine and I bet did not last long. Sorry about the Giants loosing. Love your jam!!! Happy Weekend!

  13. You are too sweet for the shout out, thank you. Your jam skills are nothing short of amazing. I wanted those blue jars when I saw them, but the cheapo in me said they were too expensive and cute for jam. Lol. I think this is one of my favorite shots of yours. If you need to warm up a little all you have to do is head out this way. Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with everyone lately, work has been sucking up every last one of my minutes these days. Hope you are having a good weekend.

    • pattysfood says:

      Thanks Gina! Aren’t the blue jars sweet? I was thinking of using them for gifting …they are for sure special canning jars!
      Would love to catch up with you ;)

  14. Patty these photos are absolutely beautiful, I would love to have one these cookies with your homemade jam in between. If i run across some fresh apricots and pluot I will make your jam and these yummy looking cookies.

  15. Those cookies look as pretty as they must taste! What a beautiful photograph.

  16. Your photos are so bright and colorful!! Love ‘em and love sandwich cookies that are made with delicious homemade jam :)

  17. I want to pitch a tent in your camp. I may not know a thing about baseball, but I can agree that one can never have too much apricot jam.!

  18. Not sure which I would rather have the fog or the heat. We definitely have lots of heat here in CO. Gorgeous cookies!

  19. I love the word pluot. It makes me giggle. :D

    And gorgeous pictures, as always! So vibrant and cheery.

    I’m loving all the apricot action over here. And apricot jam in the cookie dough, too? Amazing!

  20. These little sandwich bites look amazing, Patty! Pluots have arrived at the grocery stores here but I haven’t found any organic ones yet :( Wish our Lake Michigan would keep us cool – 95, hot and humid here today!

  21. I have to say, I’m a bit jealous of your cool weather. It’s sweltering here in the Carolinas but that’s not to say I wouldn’t heat up my oven for a batch of these wonderful cookies!

  22. This is so much fun for the summer! It’s like an All-American macaron!

  23. Wow, have I missed out by not visiting your site in July! These cooking are so adorable! Pinned!

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