Carrot, Raspberry, Fennel, & Marcona Almond Salad with Creamy Ginger Jalapeño Dressing

I like a break in my eating routine from time to time and joining in the Powercakes June Powermeal A day challenge  with my friend Maya from Foodiva’s Kitchenhas brought out my colorful side, at least in my choice of salad for dinner last night.  A colorful raw carrot salad packed full of fresh raspberries, shaved fennel and chopped Marcona almonds was my entry for day 3 in the June challenge.  I started following the challenge during my visit last week to the southland of our beautiful state.  Yesterday morning I managed to made a purple smoothie, instead of the assigned red colored meal of the day. I added blueberries to the watermelon and raspberries in the blender which turned my red color a bright purple, whoops.  So, last night I tried to make up for it by adding red (raspberries) to my orange (carrot) salad.  Yes, I’ve managed to make eating one scheduled colorful meal a day confusing.  However, my Carrot, Raspberry, Fennel, & Marcona Almond Salad with Creamy Ginger Jalapeño Dressing is a quick simple side dish that goes with grilled chicken, fish or whatever you like.

This salad can be served on individual plates with the dressing drizzled over the top as I’ve done here or you can mix it into the entire bowl of salad and place it on the table family style.  Either way the slightly spicy creamy dressing complements this colorful carrot salad.  If you can’t find Marcona almonds feel free to substitute chopped whole toasted almonds.  I found a few red and orange flowers in my garden to decorate my table in celebration of my healthy June Power Meals.  Today’s power meal color is yellow which sounds like a banana for breakfast to me.

Ingredients & Directions for Carrot, Raspberry, Fennel, & Marcona Almond Salad with Creamy Ginger Jalapeño Dressing

8 carrots, peeled and shredded
1- 6 ounce basket fresh raspberries
1/2 cup Marcona almonds, chopped
1 small fennel bulb, finely shaved
1 scallion, white & light green parts minced
For the dressing
1& 1/2 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon creme fraiche
2 teaspoons sherry vinegar
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon lemon zest
1/4 teaspoon fresh ginger, finely grated

1/2 jalapeño, finely chopped

Place all the ingredients except for the dressing in a large bowl.  Whisk together the salad dressing ingredients and stir into carrot salad mixture before serving or drizzle the dressing over individual plated (about 6) servings.


  1. I love all the textures and colors in this salad, Patty. The more colorful our meals are, the better! :)

  2. Fennel bulb! Whoo hoo! I love fennel bulb but I have never had it raw before. This sounds divine!! It's totally my kind of salad, Patty!

  3. I enjoyed the vivid colours of this salad, Patty. When it comes to fruits and salads, the more colourful they are, the better for me! That's my mantra! Your salad definitely fits the bill!

  4. That looks like a wonderful salad to me with lots of flavors and a little heat. I'm going to check out the Powermeals link.

  5. What a beautiful medley of colors and flavors. I never would have put any of these together but my taste buds are wanting them now. The dressing is no slouch either–love it all. :)

  6. Lovely salad with a fantastic dressing!!!!

  7. A “skinny” margarita would pair nicely with your colorful orange salad;) So glad we were able to get together during your visit to the southland. The raspberries and jalapeno dressing are a hit!

  8. Just looking at this salad makes me feel energized! I just love foods like this. Come to think of it, I have all the ingredients (though my almonds are not Marcona) – will make this for lunch tomorrow!

  9. Maya have that kind of impacted on people other then being sweet all the time. I eat pretty rainbow food though out the day but she is changing me too to try each day different powerful natural color in a food!:))
    Very tasty salad, love what you used in there Patty!

  10. First of all Patty its a beautifl salad. Refreshing, packed with flavor and that extra heat makes it all good.

  11. A fantastic salad. I just bought a fennel and some fresh strawberries from the farmer market ;-) What a timely and delicious recipe!

  12. Beautiful salad Patty, love the raspberry and the ginger dressing…such a flavorful salad, not to mention the awesome color.
    Thanks for the recipe and hope you are having a great week :)

  13. I love colorful salads too Patty. They epitomize freshness and beauty of the ingredients that you put together.

  14. Patty – hope your trip away was just amazing! The instagram photos were making my mouth water. Speaking of tasty dishes, this one is amazing and the colors just pop. I am making this dressing – love the flavor profiles.

  15. Such a fantastic combination of flavors and colors in your gorgeous salad, Patty! I love fennel in salad, but never had it this way!
    Thanks for sharing your amazing recipe…the photos are superb, as always:DDD

  16. Patty, What a beautiful salad…a great combination of ingredients! And so colorful and lovely looking!

  17. Beautiful Patty, I was so surprised when I clicked on your site. I am actually posting a carrot and fennel salad this week, a recipe from my sister. It is similar but different, how fun that you can use the same ingredients with a million different twists! Your salad sounds wonderful, I think I'll have to try it as well.

  18. What a beautiful color! I see summertime working here, and love the combination of flavors!
    I am so glad we got a chance to chat when you were down here, and hopefully sometime soon we can meet up :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week…hugs

  19. Hi Patty,

    It sounds like a great challenge. And your salad is not only colorful but sounds amazing! I love the combination of flavors and ingredients. I could see myself eating this salad all summer long. Thanks for sharing!

  20. After seeing a couple of your photos on Instragram I'm thinking of joining in as well.
    Lovely colorful salad.

  21. Oh, Patty!!! I think you may have found the perfect salad. I adore raspberries, but I have to admit to not using them other than for eating out of hand very often (Usually they are gone in a flash).
    The colors of this salad are beautiful, and I can only imagine that the flavors are just as beautiful. My mom will love this!!

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