double chocolate zucchini cupcakes with goat cheese frosting

double chocolate zucchini cupcakes

Today I’m dressing up my Summer zucchini by mixing it into a double chocolaty cupcake batter and for good measure I’m spreading a creamy goat cheese frosting  with a sprinkling of chocolate shavings on top.  One of the enjoyable things about cooking or baking at home is deciding which direction to go in with a […]

Chocolate Coffee Cake with Chocolate Chip Streusel and The Problem of Forgetting


Do you ever put a cake in the oven and then look over your shoulder to survey the ingredients left on the counter and wonder, did I miss something?  Like, the vanilla, salt or even worse the sugar?  I’m so careful when I bake, I double check my recipe as I add each ingredient to […]

Lemon Loaf Cake with Light Meyer Lemon Curd and Berries for Tuesdays with Dorie


As part of a make ahead dessert for a Spring  dinner party, I’m giving this week’s Baking with Julia’s recipe for lemon loaf cake an A+.  Imagine small plates holding two thin slices of lemon loaf resting in a puddle of lemon curd with a luscious serving of fresh berries on top- a lovely way to make […]

Light Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes


I didn’t forget about my light baking project and today’s second installment in my series is another recipe I adapted from America’s Test Kitchen 2011 Light & Healthy Cookbook.  The calories and fat have been reduced but the ‘moist crumb and rich chocolate flavor’ are all there in each bite of these lovely chocolate cupcakes. […]

Meyer Lemon Quatre-Quarts with Berries & Cream for French Fridays

As we get closer to the weekend and the SF 49ers playoff game against the Giants for a place in the Super Bowl- my heart is filled with pride for our team and my son Taylor.  This has been a dream season  for the team and their fans here in the Bay Area.  Some of […]

Apple Spelt Pound Cake

apple spelt pound cake / Patty's Food

I’m a happy camper this year as I have more apples on my trees than ever before, enough for me and whatever animals are feasting on them at night.  I feel like laying out a blanket and a picnic hamper, maybe some tooth picks or a few after dinner mints?  The apples are tart and […]

Dark Chocolate Mint Zucchini Cake

This dark chocolate mint zucchini cake makes a wonderful birthday cake for anyone lucky enough to have a Summer birthday.  When I came home from vacation the baby zucchinis in my garden had gotten bigger and multiplied, signaling the time to get serious about zucchini consumption.  I’ve wanted to make a chocolate zucchini cake for […]

Summertime Peach Upside-Down Almond Cake

I walked away from my local farmers market last week with a bag of luscious tree-ripened peaches, a treasured find of the morning.  Fresh peaches, a favorite treat for breakfast, sliced to go on top of a bowl of oatmeal was the original plan, but reading a cookbook recipe for peach upside-down cake distracted me […]

Almost Guilt Free Rosemary Lemon Olive Oil Cake with Apricot Compote

Searching for an olive oil cake to make this weekend I came across a link to Catholic Guilt and Lemon Rosemary Olive Oil Cake from Lora at The Cake Duchess.  Please follow the link to find the recipe and her story.  I love the story that goes along with her recipe but decided that my […]

Caramelized Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

This is not the pineapple upside-down cake that I used to make back in the day, you know the one with the canned pineapple and maraschino cherries from the Betty Crocker cookbook.  This cake is all grown up with a  vanilla bean scraped into the cake batter and a splash of brandy.  My pineapple upside-down […]