Buttery Apricot-Pluot Jam Sandwich Cookies

Buttery Apricot-Pluot Jam Cookies / Patty's Food

Summer fun with jam and cookies.  My apricot-pluot jam is both baked inside these buttery jam cookies as well as sandwiched in between a few of them.  The fun of  homemade jam along with a few tasty bites of cookies and fresh apricots is what I’m sharing here today.   Sweet buttery jam cookies have just […]

My friend Donna’s Favorite Oatmeal Cookies

Currant Oatmeal Cookies / Patty's Food

My friend and hiking partner Donna mentioned that she was going home after our hike to bake her favorite oatmeal cookies, a recipe from Alice Waters.  Donna is a wonderful cook and I remember from previous year’s Christmas cookie exchanges that she always brings delicious cookies.  Donna also happened to give me a copy of […]

Strawberry Lemon Lime Bars

Strawberry Lemon Lime Bars / Patty's Food

Jammy slices of strawberries nestled into a lemon lime filling supported by an oat-y flavored shortbread crust were a couple of good reasons why I thought it was okay to mess with one of my favorites- Classic Lemon Bars.  Plus the strawberries look pretty- all jammy on top of the lemon lime filling.  The strawberries and lemons came […]

Cherry Almond Bars

Cherry Almond Bars / Patty's Food

  It looks like I’m baking my way through the entire Spring section of Rustic Fruit Desserts by Cory Schreiber and Julie Richardson.  How did that happen?  I’m not exactly sure because it was definitely not something I planned on doing.  This is one of those baking projects that just took on a life of […]

Crispy Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Crispy Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies / Patty's Food

If you’re looking for large thin crisp caramel brown sugar flavored chocolate chip cookies- look no further -you found them right here!  I had to make these cookies twice in two days just to make sure they were as good as I thought they were after I baked the first batch.  They were.  I love […]

Vanilla Hazelnut Biscotti

Vanilla Hazelnut Biscotti / Patty's Food

Simple baking projects, like making homemade biscotti, are my favorites.  This week  I made two cakes that sounded good in print but didn’t turn out – maybe they contained too much fruit layered into the raw batter or were under baked (?) but they both had terrible sort of mushy textures.  The first cake was […]

Cinnamon Honey Graham Cracker Hearts

Cinnamon Honey Graham Cracker Hearts / Patty's Food

  Every mom has to have a few tricks in her bag and a bag of cinnamon honey graham cracker hearts will go a long way to make the family happy  while satisfying a sweet tooth.  My contribution to Shay’s virtual baby shower hosted by Aubrey at Home Grown and Healthy is my favorite graham […]

2 Point White Chocolate Ginger Cookies

White Chocolate Ginger Mini Chippers / Patty's Food

  If you can have a small bowl of cookies under your roof and grab just one or two for munching when your sweet tooth is feeling neglected then this white chocolate ginger cookie recipe adapted from Weight Watchers-only 2 points each- is for you.  May I suggest placing these cookies in the freezer instead […]

Nutella Biscotti with Hazelnuts & Chocolate

Nutella Biscotti with hazelnuts & Chocolate / Patty's Food

Thankfully I still have a small stash of crumbly good hazelnut and chocolate filled Nutella biscotti wrapped up and tucked away in my kitchen for this coming weekend-the rest of my biscotti is either on it’s way or has arrived in Athens, Greece – that’s right GREECE not Georgia!  Sending this batch of Nutella biscotti […]

Classic Lemon Bars

Classic Lemon Bars / Patty's Food

January is not only the month of healthy eating but also the month for baking lemon bars and the month that decides which teams go to the Super Bowl.  Much like my classic lemon bars, the SF 49ers played and won what will become a classic game against Atlanta that earned them a spot in […]