Spicy Cherry Tomato Rice with a recipe for Tomato Masala from Rose of Magpie’s Recipes


My friend and next town over neighbor Rose from Magpie’s Recipes is leaving the Bay Area and moving back to India next week.  We met at a Bay Area food blogger’s lunch and soon made plans to meet at our local farmer’s market.  A few weeks later we spent the morning marketing (mostly tasting different […]

Baked Elements ‘Brooksters’- Chocolate Chip Cookies Baked On Top Of Brownie Pies

Brooksters / Patty's Food

  What self respecting chocolate lover wouldn’t want to sink their teeth into a warm from the oven chocolate chip cookie baked on top of a dark chocolate brownie pie?   Please pass the vanilla ice cream!  That’s  exactly why I made this recipe for the ‘Brooksters’ from my brand spanking new copy of Baked […]

rosemary-garlic baby lima bean arugula salad

Romano Bean and Arugula Salad / Patty's Food

After a long weekend of overindulging in spectacular restaurant food in both New Jersey and New York, it’s back to my home on the ‘left coast’ and a plate of fresh Italian inspired green bean salad. We had a quick but fun trip back east and were fortunate to be able to squeeze in a […]

chewy tarragon sugar cookies

Chewy Tarragon Sugar Cookies

Today I’m sharing a family favorite, chewy sugar cookies flavored with finely minced tarragon. I use a chewy sugar cookie recipe from America’s Test Kitchen that I’ve adapted to include my favorite cookie herb, tarragon.  This is a simple recipe for a chewy sugar cookie that is made completely by hand- no mixer is needed. […]