Cherry Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake Scones

Comfort food.  On the savory side,  I think of mac and cheese, roast chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, meatloaf or chili.  On the sweet side, I delight in apple pie, peach cobbler, strawberry shortcake, lemon bars, brownies, blueberry pound cake or chocolate chip cookies.  Today I’m adding cherry chocolate chip coffee cake scones to my list of comfort foods.  What makes scones comforting?  Well, first of all they should have both butter and cream in the dough, there’s no negotiating on that point.  Second of all, scones need pieces of fruit and/or bits of chocolate.  And last but not least, scones need a crumb topping like the one I’m sharing today.  A crumb topping that breaks apart and sprinkles on top of each crumbly cake-y bite you take of your comforting cherry chocolate scone.  Ah, yes- today I’m adding scones to my list of comfort foods.

I came up with the idea of both rolling the balls of scone dough in crumb topping and then adding additional crumb topping to their tops before giving each one a gentle loving squeeze around the sides to make wonderful deep cracks in the topping before placing the tray in the oven.  I am so happy with the results that I’m sharing my recipe with you today.



  1. Cherries and chocolate and scones–these are a few of my favorite things! These look so perfectly comforting and delicious, Patty! Beautiful job!

  2. I love the crumb topping on your scones, these look like the epitome of comfort! :)

  3. Patty – these look DIVINE! I just wish I had one right now. Loving cherry season! These are a must make soon recipe. Your photos are simply perfect. Hope your week is going well.

  4. What gorgeous scones! I must try your technique…plus the addition of fresh cherries must taste incredible. Another winner :)

  5. Scones are a weekend treat at my house as well! The crumb topping is such an added layer of delight! An inspired recipe Patty!

  6. These scones look great Patty, I love the cherries, chocolate in it and the crumble on top is just awesome.
    Hope you are having a great week :)

  7. I agree on all your comfort food, and I’d love a little of this cherry chocolate chip comfort right now!

  8. Patty, I must have several of these scones. Right now!! *please*
    Love the fact that your list of sweet comfort food is a gazillion times longer than the savoury. :D

  9. Patty these scones look perfect and your idea of comfort foods are mine too :). Love the photos too, gorgeous!

  10. Cherries and chocolate are one of my favorite combos. your scones are divine. Will have to try these soon.

  11. Hooray for sweet comfort food! And also for spelt flour. I love that you used some here! I’ve seen a few cherry posts today. If they’re in season over there, I’m super jealous. They’re not even in stores yet over here.

    These scones sound heavenly! And the chocolate chips… yeah. That was a good idea. :)

  12. OH YUM! Having a cup of coffee, and would LOVE one of these right now. Patty, your photos are beautiful!

  13. Cherries and chocolate, oh my! And in a yummy scone, you really got me going Patty, LOVE these!

  14. These scones look amazing! Cherry and chocolate is such a great combo!

  15. Fresh cherries, streusel topping…wow..these scones must have tasted wonderful, Patty.

  16. Love the sound of these scones – coffee cake, chocolate chips, and cherries! That sounds like pure comfort and yumminess :)

  17. Luckily I’m headed to go get more cherries in a few minutes. Scones belong in the comfort food category for sure, especially with that crumb topping. Genius my dear, genius. Hope to catch up to you soon.

  18. Your scones look so good. I’ve never seen scones with a topping before, but a crumb topping makes everything better!

  19. I love this flavor for scones, Patty! They look so perfect for springtime brunching!

  20. This sure would be perfect with my morning cup of pregnancy tea. I love cherries, and I’ve been meaning to pick up a pound at the store. Now I have another excuse! These look and sound too good, Patty!

  21. Yes, cherry season is starting! I love cherries with chocolate…and chocolate with coffee. Why not all 3 in one delicious treat? I believe I am craving this right now! Ahhhh…I want to reach out across my screen and grab one!

  22. What doesn´t get better with some crumb topping? I´m adding it to my next batch of scones Patty!

  23. Yesterday I wanted to bake scones and I also wanted to bake with cherries. I ended up doing neither but this post has me wanting to run to the kitchen to bake a batch of these beautiful scones (and I just cleaned it up!).

    You and I are on the same page about comfort food and scones. Love what you’ve done with the crumb topping–can’t wait to try this recipe, Patty.

    Your pictures are GORGEOUS!!! Love, love!

  24. These look amazing Patty. I adore cherries in any form other than medicine.

  25. This reminds me that it’s been WAY too long since I’ve made scones. The cherry chocolate combination is one of my all time favorites!

  26. I can’t wait to try making some. I just found your site & love it. Thanks for sharing your lovely recipes.

  27. Lora @cakeduchess says:

    When Jean shared these the other day on FB, I was craving them the entire afternoon-so, so LOVE these scones and can’t wait for cherry season here. This is what I will bake first!

  28. Oh wow, cherries and chocolate in wonderful crumb toped scones! I would love to have one with my tea this morning.

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