chewy tarragon sugar cookies

Today I’m sharing a family favorite, chewy sugar cookies flavored with finely minced tarragon. I use a chewy sugar cookie recipe from America’s Test Kitchen that I’ve adapted to include my favorite cookie herb, tarragon.  This is a simple recipe for a chewy sugar cookie that is made completely by hand- no mixer is needed. A few good sized sprigs of tarragon are finely minced to make a generous spoonful of this fragrant green herb that is then stirred into the sugar and set aside, this allows the fresh anise flavor  to develop in the sugar. In the sunniest place in my  mostly shady garden I grow the perennial French tarragon that is also known as Dragon’s Wort, a name that most likely relates to it’s medicinal values. During the height of it’s growing season, tarragon can go a little crazy-which is exactly the right time to snip off a few sprigs and bake a batch of chewy sugar cookies.  I  like to use my tarragon in green beans that I cook with shallots and then  stir in a few cherry tomatoes before serving.  I also like tarragon vinegar, do you have any favorite recipes that use tarragon?


French Tarragon thriving at my friends Luis & Christie’s ranch


  1. Oh! This is very nice post.I’m really enjoying reading your nicely chewy tarragon sugar cookies recipes.Thank so much for this!

  2. I’ve never used tarragon in baking, what a creative idea! Your sugar cookies look fantastic and I love that no mixer is required – sometimes that makes life just a little easier :). Have a great weekend!

    • pattysfood says:

      Thanks Laura, the flavor of tarragon is wonderful in these cookies and this cookie batter is so much fun to make;-) Enjoy your weekend too!

  3. What beautiful cookies utilizing a much beloved kitchen herb. These look heavenly, sweet friend!

  4. Patty your cookies look yummy. I bet they have a nice flavor to them as well. I am envious of how many wonderful things you grow in your garden, it makes me want to do better next year :). Have a nice weekend!

  5. Patty, thank you for sharing this gorgeous cookie recipe. I love tarragon. These cookies must be wonderful.

  6. Oooh, I love chewy sugar cookies. Never thought of adding an herb. I wonder what other herbs might go nice-nice (preferably something already growing here)…hmmmmm. :) Happy weekend, Patty!

  7. Oh, I have been so tempted to try tarragon in a cookie. I’ve read about it, been tempted, but now you’ve convinced me to try it. Thank you!

  8. How unique! I really want to try this, I love herbs in recipes like this!

  9. Tarragon is probably the only herb I don’t have growing in my garden right now, and seeing those amazing cookies, I’m very bummed about that! They look delicious. The plants at your friends’ ranch are gorgeous.

  10. Nothing compares to fresh herbs. The fresh tarragon in those yummy chewy sugar cookies are totally awesome, and the aroma can be smelled right through the computer screen. Amazing, and great recipe!

    Also, your blueberry scone muffins, are to “die for” droolworthy delicious!

  11. I have tried mint and basil in cookies. Have seen cookies with rosemary and now tarragon. What a wonderful addition to flavor a sugar cookie.

  12. Your friends’ tarragon plant is so beautiful! I’ve never had tarragon cookies, but I can imagine how nice they are, since tarragon has a sweetness to it! Would love to try these some time! I’ll let you know if I do…

  13. What beautiful looking cookies. They are so uniform and perfect. I have never made cookies using tarragon before so I’m intrigued. I’ll have to try this xx

  14. Patti – I am intrigued whenever I see a recipe that is for a dessert that incorporates an herb. Your cookies are something that I would imagine would be hard to eat just one. Hope your weekend was fab!

  15. Very pretty Patty and so… unique. I’m growing tarragon this year but haven’t used it a ton. will try this recipe!

  16. Patty, Simply beautiful looking cookies and I love the addition of the tarragon. These sound so delicious! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe…I would love to bake some…I even have a big pot of tarragon on my deck. Hmmmm!

  17. I love a good soft chewy cookie, but have never had one with tarragon in it!

  18. I’ve sprinkled dried tarragon to asparagus before roasting them but I really like the fresh variety. I wish I’d taken more time to tend to an herb garden this year. I had tarragon last year but didn’t plant any this time around. All I have is sage, thyme and oregano. I love how creative this cookie is. Would love to have a taste. :)

  19. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t think I’ve ever tasted tarragon. Perhaps I’m wrong since I did live in France so it might have been in something I ate. Regardless, I love the idea of using it in cookies. Thanks for sharing a family favorite:)

  20. Michelle says:

    I don’t know if you noticed in the recipe it never actually says to mix the flour into the wet ingredients. Maybe I’m missing it but just thought I’d let you know.

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