Cranberry Crackle Tart from Baking Chez Moi

Cranberry Crackle Tart / Patty's FoodI started my holiday baking with a cranberry crackle tart from Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan.  Not a single doubt in my mind that Dorie’s sweet and tart dessert creation is a keeper.  Looking for a not so overly rich dessert to end a heavy meal like Thanksgiving?  This could be the one.  Looking for a way to use up some of your Summer stash of homemade jam?  I spread a few generous spoonfuls of my coveted rhubarb strawberry jam on the crust of this cranberry crackle tart and that was pretty close to heavenly in my humble opinion…Which begs the question….exactly what is a ‘crackle’ tart?… I was just about to talk about that. This recipe features a tart brimming with fluffy meringue laced with fresh cranberries spread over  your favorite jam in a delicate pre-baked tart pastry..then the whole thing goes into a low oven and bakes until slightly browned and cracked or voilà ‘crackled’ on top.  I think my tart is pretty but it’s always fun to guild the lily… the left over tart dough can either be cut into small leaves to decorate your tart or enjoyed as small cookies…just perfect with a dusting of powdered sugar and sprinkling of cranberries. Looking for new holiday recipes for both Thanksgiving and Christmas?  I think that could be a great reason to join in the fun with the Tuesdays with Dorie baking group.  Please check out the baker’s results here.  Dorie was so kind as to share her tart recipe on The Splendid Table, so if you haven’t picked up your copy of Baking Chez Moi, you’re in luck as you can easily  find this week’s assigned recipe here.   Cranberry Crackle Tart / Patty's FoodCranberry Crackle Tart / Patty's Food

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  1. wow your photos are lovely!

  2. What a great use for the leftover dough. Your decorated tart looks divine, Patty. So, so pretty!

  3. I love your use of the leftover dough.

  4. Beautiful photos of a lovely tart. Your cookie garnishes are perfect with it.

  5. Okay, you win…your photo is so beautiful. I love the extra cranberries and the little cookies on top which really does give a reason to sift some of that confectioner’s sugar around (I couldn’t justify the extra but the way you used it is wonderful). Really a beautiful holiday dessert….your diners are going to love it all.

  6. I love the cookie cutouts on top! I would never have thought of it and it looks GORGEOUS! And can I ask, how did you crimp your tart edges? I can’t quite figure it out and it’s so pretty.

    • Hi Margaret! After I eased the rolled out pastry dough into a 9″ Pyrex pie pan I trimmed the extra dough away and then used a ravioli cutter with a crimped edge to cut it. Slightly angle the ravioli cutter into the pie pan sides and cut around in a circle. Hope that helps ;)

  7. WOW…your pictures are beautiful! Very pretty tart!

  8. kitchen flavours says:

    Love your idea of the cut-out dough to decorate the tart! Beautiful photo!

  9. Beautiful! So very festive looking – this will for sure get you into the holiday spirit!

  10. Golden buttery crust, fresh cranberries and freshly whipped meringue…what’s not to love? A fantastic festive sweet treat, patty.

  11. Love the dough shapes on top! and yes, this is a winner for ending heavy or rich meals!

  12. how gorgeous– so festive, and I love the perfect edge you got on your tart shell!

  13. What a stunner Patty! Very festive and not too rich, a wonderful holiday dessert. Baking Chez Moi is on my holiday wish list, but I’m not sure I can wait that long after seeing this luscious tart.

  14. Awww – your tart is so pretty with the pastry leaves on top. Great job!

  15. I love your photos and your perfect crust! I used a ravioli cutter too, but my crust got too brown on the edge, so I had to cover it with the meringue. Your cookies are such a good idea too!

  16. Gorgeous! I had trouble with my meringue peaking and got impatient. If only I’d thought of little cookie cutouts!

  17. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones, Patty! Beautiful cranberry tart and love the cutouts too! ;)

  18. This is such a beautiful tart, Patty! I love how you’ve ‘styled’ it with the cut-outs. So pretty!

  19. Love the little leaf and cranberry decorations on this one – so festive! Patty. Your tart turned out beautifully. We loved this one, too. I think it’s perfect for a dinner party or potluck. It’s very pretty and out-of-the-ordinary!

  20. Not only is your tart gorgeous….it is photographed beautifully! Love your presentation, Patty! Hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving!

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