cranberry orange cornmeal muffins

cranberry orange cornmeal muffins/Pattys Foodfall is the time we see fresh cranberries in the market. bakers, like myself, will pick up at the very least two bags of the coveted little bright red jewels, enough for a baking project in addition to the compulsory holiday cranberry sauce.  my cranberry baking projects, for the most part use sweetened cranberries, like one of my favorite cookie recipes- oatmeal bar cookies sandwiched with leftover spiced cranberry sauce. but this recipe is a little different-raw cranberries are chopped up and added to a lively orange flavored slightly crunchy cornmeal batter. Which reminds me that I should be making more cornbread because we like it so much-note to self-add chopped cranberries to cornbread. I love the sweet tart flavor of cranberries and if the muffins are bringing it then sign me up for a dozen.
[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:143]Cranberry Orange Cornmeal Muffins/PattysFood


  1. These muffins look so beautiful and irresistible with the combo of fresh cranberries and orange. Your house must have smelled wonderful while baking these!

  2. I’m sure I’ll have fresh cranberries left to use after Thanksgiving and would love to use them in these delightful muffins! So glad to see you posting again, Patty!

  3. Mary Hirsch says:

    These do look like something I would bake. I do make cornbread occasionally so I know it’s tasty. I would think these are less sweet and sugary than other muffins and a little grittier. That may not be the right word. They look holiday-ish.

  4. These are so pretty! And I love the combination of ingredients. Happy Thanksgiving!

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