crunchy green bean, radish and walnut salad with goat feta

A bag of green beans and a basket of radishes were a few of my farmers market finds last night, I also ran into one of my daughter’s friends with her two young children in tow.  There is something irresistible  about a sweet little girl who wants to hold your hand and shop for fruit with you at the farmers market.  After tasting peaches, plums and apricots, she insisted on having her mother buy 2 apricots for me before running off to play in the bouncy house.  While the kids were bouncing under the watchful eye of their mom, I found more goodies at the market.  After a quick tasting at Achadinha Farmstead Cheese Company, a local cheese out of Petaluma, I came away with a small container of Lonely Goat Garlic, I say small because it’s not really enough for more than one person(ha ha). I also picked up a piece of goat feta that I saved for my green bean and radish salad which turned out to be a good save because it tasted great mixed into the crunchy salad.  This salad recipe is a remake from an old post that didn’t make the cut for the new site, mainly because the photo was out of focus when I tried to resize it. I had to draw the line somewhere.  Originally I used fresh basil and Parmesan cheese which would be fine to sub in for the fresh tarragon and goat feta for a different take on this salad.


my sweet little friend by the heirloom tomatoes


  1. What an adorable little girl and how sweet of her to insist you get apricots. :)

    Maybe it’s because of the warmer weather but I’ve really been craving salads like this (though I had soup this afternoon). I can just hear the crunch as I bite into this lovely salad! Nicely done, Patty. Have a great weekend!

  2. What a pretty salad, Patty! I love using fresh ingredients from the farmers market for summer meals. I always find the best green beans there too! Sweet pictures of your shopping friend :).

  3. This seems to be the only type of food that attracts my attention this time of year – lovely!

  4. HI Patty, I love the look of this salad, full of crunchy goodness, I know I’ll enjoy this very much!:)

  5. I just love your new look, and this salad too – really like a fresh vegetable salad and ya can’t go wrong with radishes and snap beans – lovely dressing too

  6. Patty I just returned from our farmers market and picked up quite a few of the same ingredients in your salad. You salad is a perfect summer delight. Loving the herbs and flavors. The smile or grin on the little girls face is priceless. Hope your Saturday is going well!!!

  7. Simple, fresh and delicious my kind of salad, perfect for a BBQ :). The photos of the tomatoes and little girl are great.

  8. I love seeing little ones at the farmers’ market – it’s good to know that kids are learning where food comes from and are getting access to all that wonderful, healthy stuff. Your salad looks perfect for the weather we’ve been having here lately. My vegetable garden is loving it, but so are the weeds – it’s been too hot to really get at them!

  9. Patty, this is pretty and fresh and vibrant looking, love all the beautiful colors and textures!

  10. Oh Patty, she’s a cutie! I wish that my kids are more mellow and I can actually shop at a farmer’s market. Maybe they are finally old enough. I really should give it a try. I stopped going after having my 2nd kid. I love your salad! I think I have a sherry vinegar in my pantry and I don’t know when was the last time I used it. I will try this salad!

  11. Me encantan los ingredientes magnífica ensalada refrescante y saludable,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  12. Very fresh this salad, beautiful colors and picture….lovely the little girl…..

  13. I think most kids are fascinated with a trip to the farmers’ market! It’s nice to see fresh produce and fruits under natural “settings” / natural light, versus all that florescent in the supermarket! You definitely put your purchases to good use with a healthy, fresh salad! This is awesome, Patty!

  14. That looks just scrumptious, especially since I just came back from my own garden with green beans and radishes! Guess whose idea I’m stealing tonight!

  15. Stuff like this is all I crave right about now, and I love this combination. Also it”s not easy to make a salad like this look good, but yours looks gorgeous!

  16. what a cutie pie! how sweet of her to insist on buying the apricots.
    Love the freshness of your salad, and the goat cheese, one of my favorite. Haven’t had any goat feta in ages. So craving some right now!

  17. What a refreshing salad and love the dressing…thanks for re-posting! You have an adorable little friend!

  18. Gorgeous salad! I love fresh green beans in any way!

  19. What a beautiful and refreshing salad my friend!

    Choc Chip Uru

  20. A salad after my own heart! Light and yummy!

  21. What a cutie pie:) The salad looks amazing Patty – but with your recipes that’s always the case. I love green beans, feta and radishes but never thought to combine them. Once again thanks again for the inspiration.

    P.S. Thanks so much for the scrumptious guest post. You’re the best Patty, big hugs:)

  22. Sweet little faces and a lovely salad full of crunch. Thank you for sharing it with me! I have a bunch of radishes in my fridge, which makes this even more perfect.

  23. A little ‘angel’ is what I see with gorgeous blonde hair and a sweet smile!
    As always, I love your beautiful, colorful, and healthy salads, so perfect for the hot summer days. Green beans so ‘dressed’ up with the walnut, and the goat feta…yumm!

  24. Lovely photos Patty! Such a wonderful salad for this hot weather we’ve been having…I see it in my future!

  25. What a cutie! And this salad looks amazing…love all of the textures and flavors here, just beautiful!

  26. This is a delicious salad! Thank you so much Patty
    We were on a road trip for a week and the first thing I wanted to do back in SF is to check your site!


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