grapefruit crémeux and palmiers ~ tuesdays with dorie

pink goo and palmiers / patty's foodThis week’s baking assignment for my Tuesdays with Dorie  group is the Pink Grapefruit Tart from Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan but this week I struggled with the assignment and didn’t progress past making a grapefruit crémeux for the tart.  So, in place of a fully assembled tart I’m serving up a lovely coupé of the rich silky pink crémeux topped with a segment of grapefruit and a mini Palmier. To be honest I wasn’t particularly interested in making the tart, even though the photo of it looks beautiful in the book.  So, I decided to make the grapefruit crémeux to inspire myself and progress with the tart from there, but I didn’t…   The tart didn’t happen!  I used my stash of Plugra European style butter to make Palmiers instead.  My inspiration came from the class in French Pastry at Sur la Table in San Francisco that I took last week.  Ever since my class I’ve been literally dreaming about making homemade Palmiers and so my idea of serving a coupé of grapefruit crémeux with Palmiers came to life.  I feel it represents the best creamy component of Dorie’s tart while still including crisp bites of caramelized buttery goodness from the Palmiers in place of a tart crust. Please check out the Tuesdays with Dorie baker’s Pink Grapefruit Tarts  and my Palmiers in the photo below, I’m showing off both minis and full size Palmiers.  I used the recipe from Sur la Table’s The Art & Soul of Baking for the Quick Puff Pastry and Palmiers. pink goo and palmiers / patty's food


  1. What a fabulous idea! I didn’t want a whole tart hanging around, and did not think it would hold over well, so I skipped this recipe. I have always wanted to make simple palmiers (using store-bought puff!) Your palmiers are gorgeous!! Love this.

  2. Beautiful! I am a sucker for palmiers!

  3. Those palmiers look so beautifully melt-in-mouth and a great pairing with grapefruit cream.

  4. Mary Hirsch says:

    Okay, Patty, my question is answered. These palmiers look delicious (what’s not to like about that butter) and your rich silky pink crémeux is a perfect adaption. Nice. Very nice.

  5. I have no knowledge of the Grapefruit Tart but I’m much wiser about my adoration of buttery and crunchy Palmiers! Your photos are so lush I want to scoop them up and find a place to keep them safe… all for myself of course!

  6. What a great take on this weeks recipe, Patty! Love your photos and presentation!! I have always wanted to make Palmiers! I still plan on making the tart, but picked up a bit of a bug on my way to Florida! Hopefully I’ll get it done in a few days!

  7. I love your deconstructed version of the tart. The colour is gorgeous!

  8. Your desserts look absolutely lovely, like deconstructed tarts. And look at those home made palmiers – gorgeous!

  9. What a great adaptation! I must admit, I had a few spoonfuls of the grapefruit crémeux straight from the bowl and I bet it tasted awesome with little bites of those gorgeous palmiers in between.

  10. Brilliant idea! I honestly thought that the grapefruit cremeux was the best part of the tart, and I love palmiers. Wish I coming over to dinner at your place!

  11. Your palmiers look so golden and delicious, perfect to snack on with tea!

  12. Great job on the Palmiers, Patty, they look wonderful, as does your crémeux.

  13. Gorgeous…all of it. I just commented on another blog that I was going to make the filling and use parfait glasses next time as that filling was out of this world delicious…and here you already did it! Nice idea with the palmiers as well.

  14. Those palmiers are gorgeous! So jealous of your French pastry class- You obviously learned well! :) I think your version of the dessert sounds even better than the tart. :)

  15. Margrét Jóhanna says:

    What a great idea, your palmiers look beautiful. I´m checking out this recipe from sur la table.

  16. I love the idea of your ‘deconstructed’ tarts, Patty! The grapefruit cream and those lovely Palmiers look perfect together and I’m afraid they’re stealing the show :) Do you know of the Sur la Table class Palmier recipe is online anywhere?

  17. Your grapefruit cremeux looks gorgeous! I’ve never seen anything like it, but I love the idea of using grapefruit in dessert. And your palmiers are so pretty.

  18. look at all those gorgeous plamiers! you may not have been inspired to make the tart, but I bet you’ve inspired a lot of us to make your “deconstructed” version!

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