grilled avocado, corn and blueberry baby kale salad with a chipotle lime vinaigrette

Grilled Avocado, Blueberry and Corn Kale Salad / Patty's FoodI think it’s time to share a salad recipe.  Grilled avocado, corn and blueberry baby kale salad with a chipotle lime vinaigrette sounds good to me.  This is a quick easy salad recipe with a lot of Summer flavors.  Don’t be afraid of grilling the avocado slices, that’s kind of fun to do using a grill pan on top of the stove.  I steam a couple of ears of corn for this recipe and one of my other salad ingredients, fresh blueberries go great with the avocado and the corn.  I love baby kales and buy them pre-washed in a package, so easy to use.  I made my vinaigrette vegan by using the Blue Agave Sweetner from Trader Joe’s but honey could be an alternative to the agave in this salad dressing.  Fresh lime juice and zest with the flavors of Chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce, agave and sherry vinegar gives my vinaigrette recipe a lot of punch, perfect over this kale salad.

I will be back next month with the Tuesdays with Dorie  group and am already planning my baking schedule to catch up on a few of the wonderful recipes I’ve missed from Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan.  Meanwhile here is a link to Dorie’s blog with a well deserved congratulations to the French Fridays with Dorie group who after a five year cooking/baking adventure finished Around My French Table.

Grilled Avocado, blueberry and corn kale salad / Patty's FoodCouldn’t you just dive into a bowl of my Grilled Avocado, Corn and Blueberry Baby Kale Salad?  Please enjoy the recipe below for a wonderful Summer meal.Grilled Avocado, Blueberry and Corn Kale Salad / Patty's Food[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:137]


  1. Patty, this speaks of summer – I am transported from this grey, cold dreary day to the sunny climes of California when I look at these photos.

  2. That’s a gorgeous salad, Patty! I’m glad to hear you’re going to be joining in on Baking Chez Moi. I will be, too, on occasion (when I have folks available to share treats with).

  3. This is so green, sexy and summery! The salad has EVERYTHING I love for a healthy and delicious meal. Thanks for sharing, Patty.

  4. Not only delicious but beautiful to look at! I’ve never tried grilling avocado but am loving everything I see in this tasty salad, Patty!

  5. What a wonderful salad! I adore the addition of blueberries for their burst of healthy flavor. Indeed, summer on a plate is served!

  6. Love the colors of this salad Patti – it would make a beautiful decorating scheme! It sounds super fresh and delicious too!

  7. Patty, Such gorgeous colors…beautifully vibrant! I would love to be sitting down to this! Lovely photos!

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