Lamb and Dried Apricot Tagine with Cardamom Rice Pilaf For French Fridays with Dorie

I know there is a well known food blog that starts with the name White Rice and I know that white rice is a good thing but I for one am not minimalist enough to make a post just about white rice.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a beautiful thing but I struggled with the image of white rice in a white bowl on a white tablecloth for my blog post.  Not that it’s a bad thing.  I can appreciate that image, it just makes me squirm a little bit and start to think about the colors that go with that white rice.  I had been wanting to try the lamb and dried apricot tagine recipe in Around My French Kitchen by Dorie Greenspan.  What I really wanted to do was make me and my white rice happy – I think that I accomplished that last night.  I used the little seeds from the pod of a green cardamom, slightly crushed to coax out more flavor.  I also added chopped shallots, lemon zest and some flavorful chicken stock to white jasmine rice but I’m not supposed to give the recipe so that’s all I’m going to write on this topic.  The lamb and dried apricot tagine was heavenly with the cardamom rice pilaf and the aroma from all the spices that filled the house does kind of drive you nuts as Dorie mentions in her description of this recipe.  Here is a link to the Lamb and Dried Apricot Tagine recipe.  I used crushed Aleppo chili instead of the small dried chili peppers called for in the original recipe.

 Lamb and Dried Apricot Tagine with Cardamom Rice Pilaf with Glass of Red Wine
 Close Up of Cardamom Rice Pilaf with Slivered Almonds, Lemon Zest and Sprig of Cilantro
 Luscious Lamb and Dried Apricot Tagine
Please check out the other Doristas here at French Fridays with Dorie and have a nice holiday weekend.
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  1. I can see, Patty, how happy your white rice is here with the addition of the lamb and apricot tagine! I used dried apricots too, but added mine directly to the rice to give it more flavor and sweetness. Love the colors on your plate!

  2. And gosh, I can look at your knife-rest in every post, and I'll never get bored! I think I may have developed a slight obsession with them by now…haha, they're beautiful.

  3. I'm extremely impressed that you made the lamb tagine as well! Kudos to your efforts!

  4. Patty dear you are my idol. This lamb recipe has been no. 1 on my list since I got the book and had I the time this week to do the rice I was going to do it with this dish as I have been itching to try it. And here you are! Since I couldn't make it myself your lovely pictures are the next best thing.

  5. Oh YUM, Patty! I am now super looking forward making the tagine. It looks so scrumptious and delicious with all that sauce/liquid to sop up with the rice.

  6. I served mine with Coconut Lemongrass Braised Pork, topped with cilantro and lime juice … so good. Your photos are fabulous and your knife rest is coveted!!

  7. I have been wanting to make a tagine dish for so long now and this one looks like the perfect place to start! It really is gorgeous, and a great combo of flavors…bookmarking! :)

  8. It looks like you found all the inspiration you needed to make the rice! The tagine looks lovely. But 'gar, I know I won't work up the courage to try it before we get to it (I am still recovering from my Easter lamb…)

  9. Dorie made this tagine for us during her stop in Dallas last year and it was amazing. Beautiful photos – looks like a fabulous dinner! :)

  10. You've outdone yourself, Patty! Really lovely post & photos!

  11. I can't blame you for not doing a post about white rice alone! Your cardamom rice pilaf looks really tasty, but your lamb and apricot tagine looks out-of-this-world. Gorgeous and delicious I'm sure!

  12. Patty, you found the perfect accompaniment for the cardamom rice! Your tangine looks incredible…great meal :)

  13. The lamb tagine looks wonderful and would be the perfect accompaniment to that rice. Your photos look beautiful with a little color!

  14. The cardamom pilaf must be so the apricot tagine, might use the combo with my veggie.

  15. The cardamom pilaf is perfect with the lamb and apricot tagine- they both turned out beautifully! :)

  16. I've been wanting to try this lamb dish, and I bet the rice was a perfect pairing. Beautiful!

  17. What a beautiful presentation, Patty! I bet the rice pilaf went perfectly with the lamb and apricot tagine. I love lamb and have never made a tagine before, so I might have to make this dish soon.

  18. Wow Patty, my white rice would be so jealous of your white rice. Teehee. Seriously though, what lovely flavours you added to your rice. Topping it with slivered almonds was the perfect finishing touch. Your lamb and dried apricot tagine looks so beautiful. I love the bowl you used for it as well. And your knife rest/holder thingy is so cute. I don't eat lamb but my hubby does and I know he'd be drooling over this dish. I don't know which is luckier to accompany the other, the lamb or the rice. A wonderful dish indeed, Patty. Hope you have a great weekend with your beautiful family.

  19. yum, your non-white rice does sound flavorful and would have been very photogenic by itself… I like to cook with dried fruits but I have not made one as pretty as this one, the deep color of the broth is just great

  20. Mmmmm, beautiful and delicious I'm sure!

  21. You knocked it out of the park with this one – what a gorgeous setting ! I seriously wish I could have been a guest at this table – the food, the dishes, the wine and glass and don't even get me started on that flatware and knife rest. Oh my. Sigh. Great job !!!!

  22. Sooo glad you posted the Lamb and Apricot Tagine with that white rice because it is an absolute work of art! And count me among the admirers of that cute knife-rest too! I want to dine at Patty's French Table :)

  23. That tagine looks like the perfect foil for the white rice, though it was tasty white rice. Looks like a great meal!

  24. Beautiful dish. I've just started getting into using my tagine as the weather gets cooler here, and looking at these photos makes me excited for the new dishes I'll be cooking in it. Also, I LOVE your knife rest, it is the best! Do you have a whole menagerie of animals? :D

  25. I love tagine, and this recipe looks amazing. I can practically smell those spices!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Your dish looks amazing, great pics! So making the lamb dish, thanks for the inspiration, looking forward to more FFWD!

  27. That looks so good!
    I've never made tagine before but have always wanted to!
    Great photos!

  28. I am always saying that I will make one and never do…you have inspired me….

  29. Your lamb and apricot tagine looks perfect! And your rice definitely looks happy with the every lovely cardamon and slivers of almond :)

  30. I am with you on the plain rice – and I too have wanted to make this dish, I love food cooked in a tagine! Looks just fabulous. Have to wait for cooler weather I think … See you this week for FFwD (at long last!!)


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