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marquise au chocolat~baking chez moi / patty's food Deep in the heart of Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan, straight from the fruit, creams, frozen desserts and candies section comes this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie’s assigned recipe for a generous frozen chocolate mousse cake.  I’m loving it’s regal sounding name of  ‘marquise au chocolat’…and believe me this bittersweet chocolate mousse calls to all chocolate lovers loud and clear.

As good as French pastry is now, it seems that it may have been even better a few hundred years ago when chefs were creating over-the-top desserts like the ‘marquise au chocolat’ for the privileged of that time. Many classic French desserts from generations ago have never become old fashioned, they just live on and continue to make sweet lovers all over the world very happy.

On serving the marquise;  Dorie notes to serve 1″ slices of the cold marquise with the choices of crème anglaise, a melted premium vanilla ice cream, crème fraîche or whipped cream.  Under my ‘notes to self’ on serving ideas… I think fresh berries are naturals with a rich chocolate dessert like this, so I decided on blueberries… and also because I wanted to serve them with the blueberry  macarons  left over from a recent macaron baking extravaganza with my friend and fellow blogger Gina from SpcookieQueen.  Here is her recipe for Italian meringue style French Macarons.   Lucky me having blueberry macarons on hand to decorate my marquise but I also baked another batch of macarons with the egg whites leftover from the marquise recipe…couldn’t resist their allure.

Please check out the ‘marquise au chocolat’ creations from Tuesdays with Dorie here.  We have been asked not to share the recipes from Baking Chez moi here, but if you’re interested in making this decadent frozen chocolate mousse cake, I suggest picking up your very own copy of Baking Chez Moi and then you’ll have all the recipes.  I also found  a marquise recipe with a photo to check out here from Leite’s Culinaria.  Here is another fun chocolate marquise recipe, layered with a box of after eights mints and another yummy photo, by Gordon Ramsey for bbcgoodfood.commarquise au chocolat~baking chez moi / patty's food marquise au chocolat~baking chez moi / patty's food marquise au chocolat~baking chez moi / patty's food

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  1. wow Patty, this chocolate treat looks heavenly! I must give it a try too.

  2. Stunning presentation!! I have always wanted to make macarons and I see Dorie has included them in this book – can’t wait!

  3. Gorgeous presentation! And love those plates!

  4. Margrét Jóhanna says:

    This was a very rich dessert so wild berries are an excelent idea. If I make this again I´m serving it with berries. Your Marquise looks yummie.

  5. SO lovely with blueberries and macarons! You had some extra energy this week :)

  6. I also made macarons with my leftover whites :) Loved this dessert and will be making it again!

  7. you are right-berries were the perfect choice, I chose blackberries!

  8. Beautiful with the berries! This dessert was just right for me! Love it

  9. Oh, yes, the berries are perfect. I wish I had thought to pick up some berries…my photo was uninspired, I’m happy I didn’t see yours or I would not have posted at all!! So pretty.

  10. I love that you topped your your mousse with a macaron! It’s plated so beautifully.

  11. This looks gorgeous, Patty. I agree that berries are a perfect way to cut the richness of chocolate!

  12. Adore the lush photos Patty! They bring this wonderful dessert to life. Oh how I long for a slice, with lots of blueberries too!

  13. I am so glad I popped in for such a chic dessert. Love the blueberry macaron touch and fruit with your Marquise au chocolat – a lovely healthy alternative to dollops of cream! Beauties.

  14. Wow! Your marquise and macarons look amazing! I bet they tasted just as great as they look!

  15. Lovie Bernardi says:

    Your presentation is beautiful. Love the dessert plates!

  16. Gorgeous presentation and photos, Patty! This was soooo darn good…like eating a plate of truffles…and who wouldn’t love that?
    I love your beautiful Macarons…perfect! I actually made some a few months ago, and I still haven’t posted them. Someday!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  17. Being a chocolate lover I think I just heard my name called :) I think your macarons and berries are the perfect accompaniment for this rich dessert. Lovely photos!

  18. Blueberries were a great choice to go with the marquise and both your marquise and blueberry macarons are beautiful!

  19. Wishing I was baking along so this would be at my house! Not only does the mousse look amazing, those macarons are gorgeous too! Great combination. :)

  20. This is spectacular with the macarons and blueberries! I missed this week, so I’ll have to admire everyone’s creations without being able to taste it.

  21. Patty, your marquise is beautiful with all the lovely blueberries! And the macarons? Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! You’re inspiring me to try macarons which is something I’ve never done.

  22. Lovely, such a pretty presentation with the fruit. This was such a wonderful dessert, wasn’t it?

  23. Patty, your cake looks divine and the addition of blueberries perfect. I do love the last photo. I’ve got macarons on my to make list this month…I’m so excited because I do love to et them!

  24. Still thinking these are my favorite macs I’ve made to date. It was so much fun making them with you. I only with I had a slice of this marquise au chocolat to go with mine. I’m ordering that book today, finally catching up in my office, yeah. Hope you are having the best week my friend.

  25. The marquise is lovely, but I am more interested in those marcarons :-) Yum

  26. how gorgeous! beautiful macarons, too. I’ve never tried the Italian meringue method, but have heard great things about it.

  27. Your marquise looks devine with its blueberries and macaron sides. Great job Patty!

  28. Your blueberry macarons look great. I agree that berries were the way to go. I served them with raspberries the first time and then strawberries for Valentine’s Day. Small pieces were the way to go.

  29. What a gorgeous chocolate mousse dessert, Patty! Beautifully presented (LOVE those plates!) and those pretty macs to finish it off. You know I’m envious of those macs! :)

  30. Could this look any better? No way!! So incredible on those plates!

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