Mini Herbed Goat Cheese Puffs for French Fridays with Dorie

After a day of running around and thinking that I didn’t have time this afternoon to make this week’s French Fridays with Dorie assigned recipe- these delightful mini puffs filled with herbed goat cheese- I realized that the best thing I could do was to whip up a batch of these puffs just to calm my nerves (cleaning up of the kitchen, taking the photos and writing up this post- now that’s another story!)  Even though I’m a big fan of a clean kitchen, it’s not one of my favorite activities.  Things I like to do in the kitchen; bake, drink sparkling water, put fruit in bowls and fill up my freezer.

Thanks Dorie!  Baking up a batch of these cute mini puffs was fun.  After I tried filling a few puffs using a pastry bag and not really loving the look of my puffs with their hidden filling, I switched over to cutting the puffs in half and spreading the herbed cream cheese over the bottom half of the puff, much better.

I’m making and serving mini herbed goat cheese puffs for an appetizer for Thanksgiving this year.  I think they make the perfect nibble before the grand entrance of the bird with all the trimmings.

This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie.  Please consider picking up a copy of Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan and cooking along with this lovely group.  Here is a recipe for mini puffs with goat cheese and herbs from Better Homes and Gardens, just leave out the nutmeg, use herbed goat cheese and by all means throw in those herbs-that sounds good!

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  1. So elegant! I’d love these for a nibble before the main event. I’d be afraid that I might not leave enough room for dinner though, they look so good. :)

  2. When I made these, my girl and I were stuffing our face with them one after the other – they were that good :-)
    Your pictures seem to be increasingly inviting… Lovely

  3. These are such cute little puffs – I have a feeling I’d eat 5 at once! :)

  4. Your puffs look picture perfect Patty. They were good, weren’t they. I hate cleaning the kitchen although I love baking and eating.

  5. I would probably finish them all before I realized it! Yours look PERFECT!

  6. PERFECT puffs, Patty!!! And your photos are top notch as always!!!

  7. These look wonderful. Makes me want to bake up a batch right now!! Your photos are great. It also makes me want to sign up for French Fridays with Dorie!

  8. Incredible. I didn’t want to make these as I KNOW I won’t need a main course afterwards but these look so good I may have to do this for my grand FFWD make up this week.

  9. I love the idea of this. I’ve mixed other ingredients in puffs but have never stuffed them. You’re right–this would be a great pre-turkey treat.

  10. Great idea to cut the puffs in half! Nothing is more beautiful than melted goat cheese inside a golden nest of buttery choux!

    I’m not a fan of post-baking/cooking clean up either…yet before taking photos, everything must be spotless. :P

  11. Oh, Patty…these look absolutely incredible. Pinning right this second, so I can carry the recipe with me for Thanksgiving!

  12. Patty these are beautiful! What a great surprise of herb goat cheese inside. They look perfectly tender and golden brown, glad you found the time to share this recipe with us.

  13. Those are some beautiful, swoon-worthy puffs! And nice idea to cut the puffs in half and fill them that way. I couldn’t tell how much I was putting inside them, so maybe I’ll try that next time!

  14. I have a copy of her book – is this her gourgeres recipe? It’s also on my list of recipes to try. Ever since trying Thomas Keller’s gourgeres, I’ve been obsessed with them! They’re so retro! Loving them…

  15. Gorgeous presentation! Wish I had leftovers! ;)

  16. I´m with you with opening them and showing the filling. You made perfect puffs just in time for next weekend. Wonderful appetizer Patty! Have a great weekend!

  17. Patty, why you live so far away? WHY?

  18. These are gorgeous, Patty! I love that these are a savory take on cream puffs. My only problem would be filling up on these tasty appetizers before the big meal :)

  19. Patty, Such beautiful photos! Your mini puffs look perfectly delicious…we loved them, too!
    I’m not much of a cleaning up the kitchen person either…but I do so enjoy messing it up!! Have a great weekend!

  20. OMG! The gooey cheese in the center of those puffs looks amazing. They’d make great appetizers for Thanksgiving.

  21. These are beautiful!!! And baking always calms my nerves too :)

  22. Love, love, love these Patty! I wish I can have them NOW! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  23. For folks like us, cooking is definitely calming. I can’t actually imagine being one of those people who don’t find cooking calming. Your puffs look terrific. I think they’ll make a great starter for Thanksgiving. I’m going somewhere where I’m bring the wine, but no food. I’d like to be bringing these. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Patty!

  24. Absolutely perfect looking puffs! I love them!
    I totally get what you mean about calming your nerves with baking.

  25. I am with you on things I like and don’t like to do in the kitchen-LOL ! Also I thought I was too busy to knock these out but after Nana donated me the herbed goat cheese I was inspired to try. Was just what I needed. But mine did not turn out nearly as gorgeous as yours- yours are stunning and your photos are off the charts. Well done !!

  26. Patty, that’s exactly what I did – I cut them in half and filled them with the goat cheese mixture. I didn’t even attempt the pastry bag – thought that was a little over my head! I think yours were about the same size as mine – weren’t they? I wanted them to have a little more bite, a little more cheese, a little more substantial. I also will be making these again. I can think of all sorts of goodies to put inside.

  27. Love your photos! I’m running behind but got my puffs made last night. I’ll fill them today. Glad you ended up cutting off the tops as that’s they way I plan to do them.

  28. Oh Patty they are perfect!!!! I think the publishers of Dorie’s book should contact you and print your photographs next to the recipe so that we newbies to the art of choux pastry can see how they are supposed to look like ;)

  29. Patty – one word – PERFECT! I love a great savory cheesy puff and yours look mouth watering. I agree these would be a perfect starter for the thanksgiving day holiday. Your cover photo is perfect!!!!

  30. Patty, your puffs look like absolute perfection! Who could resist those cute little puffs filled with that beautiful herbed goat cheese! Beautiful photos!

  31. Lora @cakeduchess says:

    Beautiful and delicate puffs, Patty. Love the goat cheese. Perfect as an app for Thanksgiving. (really pretty photos too!)

  32. These look WONDERFUL Patty and the photos are spectacular! They just seem to glow with deliciousness! I’d like to be a little mouse at your thanksgiving celebration!

  33. These are such cute little puffs – these would be great for the holidays!

  34. Looks delicious! I’ll have to try that one. Thanks for sharing it,

  35. Your mini puffs look gorgeous! I just flat out didn’t get around to making these this past week, but I have off work this week and plan on making them to take over to my sister-in-law’s on Thanksgiving. I am glad to read that you really enjoyed making them – that is always a bonus. Hope you have a good week, Patty.

  36. You couldn’t find better than these in a Paris shop window.

  37. These really are a perfect appetizer, and I think I would be spreading the goat cheese all over them :)

  38. Okay I’m going to go add Dorie’s book to my Amazon wish list today. These look so good and perfect on the side of a soup or salad too.

  39. Ohmygosh! These are so perfect! Love puffy cheesy things!

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