Mulled Cranberry Apple Cider Tea


Mulled Cranberry Apple Cider Tea / Patty's FoodBrrrr.  The frost covered the pumpkin patch last night and it was so cold in my house this morning.  But, I am up bright and early with a hot spicy drink to help you take the edge off these freezing temperatures that have us in their grip this very cold week.  I’ve been enjoying steaming mugs of Hot Apple Cider Tea from The Republic of Tea all week but decided over the weekend to make a satisfying hot drink using my tea, apple cider and cranberry juice steeped with a few favorite spices.

Which got me to thinking, what does mulled cider mean?  It means steeping or heating sweetened cider with with spices, like cinnamon, cloves, star anise and citrus fruit, like orange slices or cranberries.  Mulled cider is popular when it’s cold outside and sometimes is served with rum or brandy but it’s also good served without alcohol and makes a good hot drink for kids.  The Hot Apple Cider Tea that I steeped to make my mulled cranberry apple cider tea is caffeine-free and made with a blend of dried apple pieces and spices.

I used apples, oranges, cranberries, juices and spices that I had on hand in my kitchen, kind of nice to make a hot drink that everybody likes without even having to make a trip outside (brrrr) to the store.  I know this icy cold weather will pass and even now I can see the bright blue sky outside my window.  Cold but clear,  perfect day for a brisk walk in the neighborhood-stay warm everybody!Mulled Cranberry Apple Cider Tea / Patty's Food[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:122]


  1. Brr is right! My goodness, I’m freezing right now – it’s frigid and whomever built this house clearly did not insulate it well. I need this right now!

  2. Beautiful photos Patty.

  3. It has been really cold here the last few days, today’s high is mid 30′s too cold for this girl. Staying inside and warming up to a hot cider drink sounds like a great idea! Keep warm have a great week.

  4. Oh my goodness, it’s in the 30′s here and our furnace is not working. I’m sitting in front of the fire and would LOVE to sip on this and warm myself up, It’s beautiful Patty!

  5. This beverage is definitely calling my name — especially with the weather we’ve been having!

  6. Oh this looks just delightful. I love apple cider but I never would have thought to add the lovely tartness of cranberries. What beautiful pictures too Patty. So warm and inviting. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I would love to curl up by the fire with a mug of your tea. Beautiful photos!

  8. Such a perfect drink for the season. Delicious pics :) ela

  9. Yes it has been very cold for coastal California! I have been drinking herbal tea to keep me warm but your inspiring recipe and photos have me planning on a warm and spicy cup of Mulled Cider!

  10. This is really warming and tasty!

  11. Oh, yeah, I need some of this mulled cider, too. It’s WAY too cold for this time of year…but this beauty of a drink would help me forget!

  12. I need some of that right here too -it is wayyyy too cold and the snow needs to take a break :-)

    Stay warm.

  13. I’ll bet its colder here! This has certainly sure has been a cold December and a warm and comforting cider tea like this sounds wonderful to me. Wonderful flavor combination!

  14. Beautiful and festive drink…and love that it’s non-alcoholic thus kid friendly too! Luv those glass mugs, Patty!! Have a good week and stay warm. :)

  15. My cup of tea tonight just isn’t going to live up to this. So pretty, and it sounds so warm and comforting!

  16. What a perfect wintertime drink! I’ve been drinking a lot of cider lately so this sounds extra wonderful to me.

  17. Wow this sounds so perfect. I have the cranberry juice but not the apple cider tea. I think I’ll pick some up tomorrow. I could use a cup right now and since we’re expecting freezing rain, sleet and snow, Thursday – Sunday this would be nice to warm my insides. Great recipe! Saved!!!

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