Nectarine Sorbet with Cardamom Icebox Cookies

Nectarine sorbet, the third flavor in my summer sorbet series arrives with a twist! I sandwiched my nectarine sorbet between two cardamom ice box cookies.  I have to admit it was a pretty cool treat for a summer afternoon.

Once again I attempted to photograph the sorbet before it melts into a puddle. Of course I had to run into the kitchen to grab a few slices of nectarine which I forgot to slice before I scooped the sorbet into the bowl. I love the bits of red from the peel in the nectarine sorbet and of course I infused the simple syrup for this sorbet. This time I used lemon balm which is pretty much finished blooming for the summer but I did manage to find a few small flowers to photograph. The lemon balm imparts a lemony mint scent and flavor to the frozen nectarine sorbet.
Lemon balm, a member of the mint family, grows like a weed in my garden and fortunately has many uses. In addition to being used for tea, salads, fruit salads, vegetables, marinades and sauces, it can also be used as a cosmetic, like a skin cleanser or for a facial. It’s also used as an insect repellent. It is native to southern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. It is one of the ingredients in Benedictine and Chartreuse liqueurs. If you look closely at the picture below you can just make out a tiny white flower from the lemon balm. The orange flower is Abutilon, a flowering maple which blooms in pots here almost year round.


Ingredients and Directions for Nectarine Sorbet
Makes 1 & 1/2 quarts

6 organic yellow nectarines, pitted, save a few thin slices for garnish
1 & 1/4 cups sugar
2 cups water
handful of lemon balm leaves picked off the stems

Make the simple syrup in a small saucepan. Bring the water and sugar to a boil for a few minutes, take off the heat and add the lemon balm. Depending on how lemony you want the sorbet, let the lemon balm infuse in the simple syrup for at least 20 minutes. Chill the simple syrup.

Chop up the nectarines, don’t peel them! Place them in a blender with the chilled simple syrup and blend until smooth. Chill the nectarine mixture for several hours or overnight. Transfer to an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s directions.

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  1. Hey, Patty! This looks delicious! I'm jealous of your lemon balm; I bought a plant a couple months ago but it pretty much baked itself into ashes in this hot weather. *sigh*

  2. I've got oodles of lemon balm as well. It grows like crazy in the shade here. That nectarine sorbet looks delicious!

  3. I loved everything about this post. Your nectarine sorbet looks and sounds wonderful. Good call on leaving the peel on the nectarines. I agree, the specks of peel made the sorbet look quite pretty. And your grandson, what a cutie! The pasta dish was beautiful as well. Loved the touch with the squash blossom. Ooh, and what beatiful flowers too. See, I told you I loved everything about this post. The only thing is, I'm not sure if I've tried lemon balm before. I must have some point in time with all the Asian dishes I eat, hmm. Wonderful post Patty!

  4. the nectarine sorbet has really caught my attention – and you gotta love a kid that loves his veggies….

  5. Patty…you must be one of the rarest grandmoms to have his grandson eat cardamom anything. How slick of you to sandwich sorbet between those cookies ;O)

    Leaving the peel on certainly gives your sorbet character…which I suspect your adorable Noah has in spades?!?

    Lemon balm hasn't been tried by me, however, I could only imagine the lovely aroma it imparts on your frozen treat.

    Patty…everything is absolutely charming…especailly adding a gorgeous bouquet to the mix ;o)

    Have a fabulous week.

  6. Noah is adorable! Sure to have a distinguished palette! The sorbet sounds fantastic. I just love simple clean recipes like this!

  7. So simple, yet so unique…and Noah is just adorable! Will you eventually post the cardamom cookies recipe, too? Love, love, love all the photos as usual. It's as if you had us all over for treats. >>^..^<< Thank you!

  8. Your nectarine sorbet looks delish! Lemon balm is something completely new for me..
    I love that sandwich!

  9. Noah is adorable…I'm sure he loved these treats. I adore nectarines, but I've never tried a sorbet before…now I have to! These look like such delightful summer snacks. I would love the recipe for the cookie too!

  10. Hi guys, the link for the cookies is below the picture of Noah!

  11. He is adorable:) I love this sorbet, wow what flavors…

  12. Great sorbet and what a nice little boy :)

  13. I agree this is a great summer treat! Lucky Noah!
    Fresh nectarine, cookies, and sorbet are a great combination. Plus, your herbs look terrific, Patty! I wish my herb grew like weed in my back yard :)

  14. Adorable little boy! I would love to have a refreshing nectarine sorbet!

  15. I have boxes and boxes of peaches in my kitchen right now, some of which are begging to be made into sorbet. I am so glad to see your recipe.

  16. Awe, I always forget stuff when I'm about to photograph too, Patty! It's so annoying (smile). And frozen treats-that's just stressful!
    This nectarine sorbet sounds so nice though. I would love a scoop with a cookie.
    Oh, and very adorable child. Like a cherub…

  17. The sorbet looks amazing. I just made ice cream for the first time and loved it. If I can get my hands on some nectarines before they go out of season this will be next!

  18. Yum! A keeper for summer. :)

  19. I've loved all your sorbet recipes, but this one looks extra delicious. I bet your grandson loved it!

  20. Nectarine and cardamom sounds like an amazing combination of flavours. What a refreshing ice cream sandwich this pair must make!

  21. Oooh…everything looks lovely, the sorbet, cookies, and flowers. I do have some lemon balm which I should try and use soon.

  22. The nectarine sorbet sounds so lovely, must be such bright fruity wonderful flavors!

  23. Patty, this is such a great cooling dessert sandwich cookie, and the cardamom is a great flavor for these treats!

    Bon appetit!

  24. Patty the sorbet, cookies, the meal all of it is amazing. And what a cutie your grandson is! And I want your garden (=

  25. The sorbet looks amazing and so does your lunch. Your grandson is a cutie.

  26. Patty, you're killing me with your sorbets! Your flavor pairings are so fresh and definitely not run-of-the-mill. Great job!

    Your grandson is adorable, too. I'm so impressed that he likes vegetables at that age. It's great!

  27. oh what a fun and fresh dessert!

  28. What a beautiful sorbet…love the flavor and the color…so Summer :-)

  29. I had a lemon balm once, but no more, sure do miss it…. nice recipe and I do love the sorbet too, just delicious

  30. Well, I have to admit, it was Noah's adorable face that got me! Too sweet! and then the rest of the post…..delicious, we love nectarines at our house too.. super idea! xoxo megan

  31. A great idea! Those sandwiches look so delicious.

    Your grandson is very cute!



  32. Oh wow…your grandson is so adorable!! Love your sorbet. Looks easy to make. Thanks very much for sharing.

  33. hi Patty
    first let me say Noah is perfect! what a blessing he must be to your family! Now lets talk nectarine sorbet….wow…nectarines are my all time favorite fruit….I would love a bowl of this wonderful creation!

  34. What a clever way to serve the sorbet Patty. Noah must have been thrilled. I know I would have been.

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