Nutella Tartines for French Fridays On Homemade White Bread for Tuesdays with Dorie

Oh wow these tartines were good made with toasted homemade white bread slathered with butter, orange marmalade, drizzled with Nutella and sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts.  Such a treat and wonderful idea from Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.  This recipe is one of my favorites this month for  French Fridays with Dorie, please check out the rest of the contributors to this online cooking group and consider cooking along with the group.  I believe that the simple recipes are the best ones, especially something as delicious as this tartine made for the most part from ingredients you may have on hand.  I made homemade white bread this week for the new Tuesdays with Dorie group that has started baking their way through Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan.  I struggled with what to do with 2 loaves of the white bread that  I baked this week but I just kept thinking grandchildren, I can give it to my grandchildren which is exactly what I did after I made the Nutella tartines!  Please find the recipe including step by step instructions for baking White Loaves here at Someone’s In The Kitchen.

I decided to make one loaf of cinnamon raisin bread which makes great toast for breakfast.  I just rolled out the dough (before shaping into the loaf), spread it with softened butter, sugar, cinnamon and sprinkled on a handful of raisins.

One more parting shot of the white bread’s interior which baked up high as promised.  I haven’t baked white bread since high school and as I recall used the recipe from The Joy Of Cooking.


  1. Those drizzles of Nutella are making me hungry! I've made my own white bread before and really enjoyed it. There's something really satisfying about making your own bread. I think cinnamon raisin is going to be next on my list!

  2. Beautiful, Patty. Just beautiful.
    I think a few white loaves are going to show up in this week's FFwD :-) I am sure your grandchildren were in heaven.

  3. Oh dear lord. I've been sitting these out since I'm on a huge diet effort right now and THIS is not helping matters. (I love the word tartine…it makes just about everything in your fridge into French food!)

  4. Gorgeous, and FANCY! ;)

  5. This is dreamy! Hazelnuts on top of that chocolate/orange thing going on there… Heaven! And on that beautiful slice of homemade bread, too. I want. :)

  6. Did make the loaves on teusdays, they were great, and did the brioche as Dorie described for this recipe. It was a good excuse to make the brioche again, because we loved it so much. Your photos looks great and your extra taste to the bread looks truly delicious.

  7. This has to be so good and tempting; great sweet way to start the day,

  8. Oh my, that thick slice of cinnamon raisin bread on it's own would be heaven, but with the rest, it's over the top, and gorgeous! I'm tempted to join Baking with Julia, but don't know if I should be tempted with any more baking treats!

  9. Love this cross-over post for FFwD and TWD! The bread looks delicious and I love the golden color in the tartine. What a great treat, Patty.

  10. Your bread looks gorgeous on its own, but add the nutella, and wow! Pretty!

  11. I just saw the FFWD on Maya's website and now you. Ay ya ay, you guys are killing me :) I love that you used your homemade bread. Have a great weekend Patty!

  12. Both recipes look delicious. Don't you love it when you can use one recipe for another? Maybe it's just me but I get an extra kick out of that.

  13. Great use of your bread…wish I'd saved a few slices for this recipe…oh well, it is fun to get some new ideas for Nutella, which we love at our house.

  14. Nice pictures Patty. I also used my TwD bread. Great timing wasn't it?

  15. Such a creative tartine recipe! And the photos are gorgeous too.

  16. Your bread turned out so pretty! Perfect vehicle for the nutella goodness.

  17. Gorgeous! :)

  18. So glad you're doing double duty Dorie along with so many of our FFwD gang. I'm thinking I would have enjoyed this tartine with another jam or jelly. Both your bread and toast look beautiful~

  19. Beautiful photos!!

  20. I love how you cut extra thick slices for the tartine. Of course, great idea to make a regular loaf and a cinnamon swirl loaf for variety! I love this tartine too. It's so decadent even the earnestness of wholemeal bread cannot hide!

  21. Chocolate and hazelnut spread on comforting homemade bread…you spoil us Patty ;o)

    My Nonna always treated us the same way…especially after a challenging day at elementary school…ohh, how I miss her.

    Have a great weekend,

  22. OOOhhh….nutela y el pan lucen hermosos ,awesome recipe una exquisitèz me encanta,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  23. Those look beautiful, Patty! I wanted to use the white loaves for a second go at the tartine, but white bread is such a novelty in my family that the loaves were spoken for soon after they got out of the oven. I love the cinnamon loaf you made – it makes me want to make another batch to try it!

  24. This is so pretty, so fun and so unique! I love tartines ever since discovering them last Spring in London. It's wonderful to be able to make a dessert with ingredients that you have on hand most of the time! Thanks Patty'1

  25. Way to multi-task – two Dorie's in one dish. As always they look delicous, and I love your yellow towel. So cheerful!

  26. OMG-Patty, this Nutella tartine with your homemade white bread, is heavenly delicious! Love the bread, just by itself, and w/the Nutella, it is certainly so yummy, and addictive!
    Lovely photos, as always:DDD

  27. Your bread looks great – and I bags the slice with the Nutella dripping off.

  28. Wow, does this look amazing! I really love that first photo — my hubby would go crazy for this!

  29. Tis has got to be the prettiest slice of toast I have ever seen in my life. Seriously.

  30. You did a stunning job on both the bread and the nutella tartine. And I am so impressed you coordinated both these Dorie assignments. It was a great opportunity (lucky for your grandkids :) to use both.In our case we had Nana handle the TWD recipe and it was all I could do to make it through the posting problems we encountered on that new site. Great post and lovely photos.

  31. What a lovely two-fer! I wasn't a huge fan of the this week's tartine but your loaves of bread have my mouth watering.

  32. What incredible-looking loaves – and tartine! I am such a FFWD slacker, but I really regret not trying this week's recipe.

  33. Your white bread is lovely, and the tartines look divine. I haven't seen them before, but they look worth baking the loaf of bread for!

  34. Your breads look fantastic! This is a very interesting recipe…I do adore all things nutella and your photos are lovely :)
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend

  35. Oh I missed you blog.. have been offline too long, the bread looks amazing and the nutella drizzle is insane delish!!

  36. absolutely love how “sunny” your photos are! another TWD-er using their white bread :) LOVE IT!

  37. I did not get to this as I was off work and taking a little break from it all, but I am looking forward to trying it. It looks like a perfect combination. Your cinnamon bread looks wonderful and I wish I had made at least one of my white loaves with cinnamon.

  38. Your tartines look delicious! I had to make only one for myself because my husband is on the South Beach diet. This would be considered sabotage! Love your photos!

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