Raw Beet and Carrot Salad with Fresh Herbs

I’m hiding in my house from the fire department right now, working on my blog because this afternoon is the only time I have to work on it and when the fire truck drives by, I just get down on the floor and wait for it to pass by and hope they don’t stop and knock on my door! This has been a crazy week with visiting relatives, a 3 day golf tournament and working every spare minute on a big volunteer project. So, after blowing off a dinner invitation at the home of one of the best chefs that I know and my husband, Scott who wanted to play golf with me, I found a girlfriend to play with him. I went to visit my mother but cut the visit short to come home and make my beet salad, photograph my food, sit at the computer and spend the only free time I carved out for myself to write my blog. So, just as I sit down at the computer the phone rings and the fire department is evacuating the neighborhood for a fire drill, because we live surrounded by dry open space somebody thought it would be a great idea to evacuate my entire street for practice! The last thing I want to do is leave my house right now, so I closed the blinds and every time the fire trucks drive by I lay on the floor and hope they don’t find me and send me to prison! This is ridiculous that I can’t find time in my week to post one simple salad recipe and that I have to break the law(?) to work on my blog! I think it’s over now. This is not what I was planning on writing about but oh well, it’s the truth and hopefully no one from the fire department will read this story. I was going to tell you about going into San Francisco on the Larkspur Ferry, stopping at the Ferry Building and buying this really good Stonehouse Extra Virgin Persian Lime Olive Oil and now they make vinegar so I also bought their Napa Valley Napa Rosé Vinegar, why is it so quiet outside, this is making me nervous, I wish some cars would drive by or something! Anyway, I made the dressing for the salad with this olive oil and vinegar, the reason I bought them in the first place was because the sales woman told me the two combined together tastes so good that they’re like candy. Which is sort of ridiculous when you think about it, why would olive oil and vinegar taste like candy? But I’m an impulse shopper so I guess that’s all I needed to hear before making my purchase.

I tried photographing the beet salad on a colored plate and in a white bowl, it’s not easy to get a good picture of this, I think because the beets are so dark. So I tried photographing it both ways, I would be curious to know if anybody has an opinion on this subject and feel free to say if you think I’m nuts for hiding in my house during an evacuation drill, I guess I all ready know the answer to that one. Maybe everybody was out of town for the weekend and they didn’t get a big turnout? Whoops shouldn’t have used that word! Really strange, a Humane Society truck just drove by, what’s that all about? Another Humane Society truck just drove by, now that is just plain weird. Maybe they’re evacuating the deer or the wild turkeys too?? I really want to write the recipe now but honestly now I’m afraid they might come down the street knocking on all the doors and my computer is in a bedroom right next to the front door! So, I may have to hit the deck again. Okay check out the beet salad in the white bowl.

Here is the recipe
makes enough for 4-6

3 medium size beets, peeled, trimmed, cut into wedges and shredded, I used my Cuisinart
4 small carrots, peeled and shredded
2 shallots, minced
1 handful fresh herbs, chopped, I used Italian parsley, sweet basil, marjoram, mint
1 handful raw walnuts
2 tablespoon olive oil, I used the Persian lime
2 tablespoon vinegar, I used rosé wine
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

In a large bowl place the beets, carrots, shallots, fresh herbs and walnuts. Make the dressing in a small bowl by whisking together the olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Pour the dressing over the beet/carrot mixture and stir. Garnish with some fresh herbs if you like!


  1. What a great salad…I really hope the fire department does not catch you:) And I am glad as are all of your readers that you decided to post anyway:)

  2. Swayed by “tastes like candy!” Can't say that sounds so foreign to this kat, either. ;) Now be a good fugitive, will you please, Patty?!

  3. What a beautiful salad, and a great idea!

    About your photo–I like the composition on the plate, but I think I might like it better on a white plate. (But who am I to say, I am no expert on photography!)

  4. Great looking salad! I too adore the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building. I hope that they did not catch you. LOL

  5. Hey Patty, is it against the law to not go on the drill? That doesn't sound right??? I would've ducked too!
    This type of shredded raw salad is one of my favorite types of foods. I love salad and believe it should be part of every meal (or fruit). I always do this with zucchini, so I'll be sure to try beets when they are in season!

  6. Hi Patty
    I couldn't for the life of me figure out why you were hiding from the fire department..now granted there is one group almost everyone hides from…but that was a new one!! Glad you cleared that up….they must really be bored at the fire house, but give them points for keeping sharp!
    As for your salad those beets look really good, I never thought of beets that way…mostly roasted for me…
    thanks so much for sharing and lets hope when the ice cream truck passes you don't start having flashbacks and hit the floor!!!

  7. Love the salad. Perfectly constructed with the walnuts, fresh herbs, and of course the beets. Marvelously presented and photographed. Job well done! Good luck with the fire department.

  8. You crack me up. I was beginning to think you were a suspected pyro or something. I don't think I've ever had a raw beet. It looks gorgeous though. I also don't think I've ever seen a wife say, “I found a girlfriend to play with him.” :)

  9. I've hidden from neighbours, friends, even family because I really wanted to cook something. But I think if there were a bunch of firemen outside I would forget the salad and try and find the hottest one :)
    Your salad is beautiful in both pictures, and sounds really tasty!

  10. I just finished losing the other comment…oops!

    Alright…I kinda of said that as much as I appreciate your beet salad…I got more amusement from your hiding / blogging adventure.
    I felt I was right there cheering you on…I would have done the same;o)

    Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,

  11. I'm cracking up at all these comments! I should change the name of my blog to The Desperate Blogger! I'm going to go on the lam to cook in peace and quiet!

  12. My husband hates the smell of beets and this would be a great way to keep him happy and still get my fix. Thanks! http://www.creativelydomestic.com

  13. Patty, firemen (in the US) are some of the finest looking men I've ever seen. I would've temporarily put my blogging aside just to get a glimpse. Shame on you for even pulling your blinds shut! ;)

    I've never had a dish in which the beets took center stage. Very interesting!

  14. Patty, you made me smile so much picturing you ducking under your windows! I admit, it's something I might have done myself. Sometimes it's just so hard to find the time to do everything. I'm sure I speak for the rest of your readers when I say that your determination to provide regular posts is much appreciated! :-)

    Beets are best prepared simply like this and I think you did a fine job!

  15. If I ever need to escape the law, I'll know who to talk to! The salad is gorgeous!

  16. When I was teaching…we used to have to do fire drills every month (and I hated them!) I imagine I would have hid from a neighborhood fire drill too. It seems like you need a restful week, and I hope that you have a beautiful one…your salad looks delicious and healthy, a great combination!

  17. hahaha Patty, your story makes me laugh and guilty at the same time :) I didn't know it's against the law to not go to a fire drill! Seems like everyone is busy nowadays . I didn't touch my blog since thursday and have been lazy with it hehe.

    Great beet recipe and i love that you used a handful of fresh herb!

  18. Oh Patty, you're going to be the most popular girl in the whole prison with this cooking! People are going to be getting their loved ones to sneak in beets for you.

  19. I want to love beets but they just don't do it for me. I must say however, this does look tasty.

  20. The salad looks gorgeous! I must say that you truly are determined to get your post out :)

  21. LOL….it was totally worth it to be an out law, the salad looks great, must be very refreshing and crunchy.

  22. what a perfect summer salad!

  23. Your beet salad turned out a beautiful, vibrant color. Nice touch with the mint. I'd like to try that olive oil and vinegar. Enjoyed your post and dedication/determination despite the fire drills and other distractions. :)

  24. I think your salad looks wonderful. I love the color of beets on a plate. I'm glad the “coppers” didn't catch you :-). Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  25. bwahahaha! oh my goodness, i needed a good laugh. i can't believe you're hiding in your house from a mock wildfire drill to write a recipe for beets. this is hilarious. the things we do for food blog posts. i just imagine you on the floor of your living room huddled under a blanket and peeking out the bottom of the window every so often to see if someone in a uniform is coming to escort you out unless you can bribe them to leave you alone with your beet dish. i completely understand needing some quiet time though, so extra points for being a rebel.

  26. too funny, as the fire truck drives by here you are posting of a red salad …. great combination of flavors again Patty… your recipes are always so interesting…

  27. What a hilarious story accompanying such a delicious looking recipe! I used to hate beets as a child, but I love them now. I probably would have done just as you – better to hide and enjoy the precious hour to yourself. Stolen moments is all we have sometimes!

  28. LOL you are too funny. I hope they didn't find you and you had a little quality time to yourself. Your salad looks absolutely delicious by the way.

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