Roasted Beet & Shiitaki Mushroom Tartines and The IFBC 2013 in Seattle

If I could pack these roasted beet and Shiitaki mushroom tartines to bring with me for a snack on the plane to Seattle for the IFBC (International Food Bloggers Conference) this Thursday, I would do it in a heartbeat!  They were good but we already ate them for dinner, after I took the photos in hopes of tempting you to try my recipe which was inspired by all the good stuff (beets, Shiitaki mushrooms, cheese and bread) I picked up on a visit to my  favorite farmer’s market at the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa last Saturday morning.

Yes, I have finally snapped out of the reverie that captures me each year on the very last days of Summer and most likely because of my impending trip to Seattle, which caused me to pull out a scarf and try on my raincoat -I have begun feeling like Fall.  My rustic homemade tartines with the earthy flavors of mushrooms, roasted beets, sea salted country style french bread and ripe organic ‘cow of my dreams’ cheese are very Fall-ish and that makes me happy, not a bit sad.  I admit it, I actually like Fall, it may be my favorite season right after Summer.

The mushroom  guy at the market has the most beautiful assortment of perfect mushrooms, piled high and filling one large basket after another.  All right under your nose, at a very fair price.  I admit being attracted to the larger Shiitake mushrooms and my first instinct was to pick up a brown paper bag and fill it with these mushrooms but my mushroom guy had other plans.  From under his counter he brought out the smaller Shiitaki mushrooms, the stinky wild ones that he grows by the creek and added them to my bag, telling me that the perfect Shiitaki mushrooms that I originally coveted for their looks are grown in a hot house and don’t have any scent, so I should add the smaller stinky not as attractive ones to make my mushroom dish smell like wild mushrooms.  I love that guy, my mushroom guy.

I’m going to the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle this week, which is a first for me.  The number one reason I’m going to this conference is to hang with the Doristas- the very nice ‘French inspired home cooked meal’  bloggers who make up the French Fridays with Dorie group, which is a pretty tight group that has been cooking their way through Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan for around three years.  The second reason I’m going is to see Dorie Greenspan, who will be the keynote speaker at the conference.  I also hope to learn something new about blogging, it is a blogging conference after all.

Look for Sam Kim of Bohemian Well Being Farm  and his highly prized selection of both cultivated and wild mushrooms at farmer’s markets throughout Sonoma County.


  1. IFBC sounds like great fun Patty! Wish I was going with you too! That tartine looks SO good! Gosh I miss our farmers market SO much!

  2. Oh my gosh…I could eat this forever!!

  3. This dish looks lovely — add a salad and it’s the perfect dinner!

  4. I need Sam in my life. I can’t wait to hear all about the conference. I think putting on a raincoat sounds like a fabulous idea. I say throw a few in your bags and see what the TSA makes of it. Can’t wait for tomorrow.
    p.s. If you have any of that chocolate cake left, I’d be more than happy to take it off your hands.

  5. This sounds like a yummy breakfast, lunch or dinner to me Patty! I would have never thought to combine those ingredients but it sounds and looks delish! Have fun this weekend! I would have loved to have gone to the conferenece but we had a trip scheduled to visit our kids in London. Maybe next time, I’d love to meet you in person! :)

  6. Starting to pack :-) Can’t wait to meet up with you and the gang.

    Gorgeous tartines

  7. I love Seattle and wish to be able to go again. Have fun Patty! Beet and shiitake mushrooms. I love seeing Japanese mushroom being used in very unique combination. I love them both and would love to taste that.

  8. Gorgeous tartines, I love the contrasting colors!

  9. Delicious and beautiful with all those big mushrooms and colorful beets! Have fun at IFBC! So fun to attend – I got to attend the first one years ago and it was a great experience with fantastic speakers. Look fwd to seeing your pics of the event and envious you’ll be right there near Pike’s Market. :)

  10. So simple, so good! I LOVE beetroot.
    Have some fun in Seattle!

  11. I just returned from a vacation in the Seattle area! Have a glorious time at the conference! I also feel fall in the air and notice a changing of the leaves on our neighborhood trees. Your irresistible tartines are a marvelous way to great the new season!

  12. How fun! I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle! It’s a foodie’s haven over there. Have lots of fun :)

    I love tartines so so much!! Nice use of beets and mushrooms!

  13. These tartines look beautiful…I like the sweet touch of the beets…
    Seattle is a fun city…enjoy your time at the convention Patty :D

  14. I love mushrooms, these look so good! Hope you have a great weekend in Seattle!

  15. These tartines look so full of flavor and perfect for parties, Patty! Have a fabulous time in Seattle!

  16. Gorgeous mushrooms and recipe, and how cool you have your own mushroom guy! Enjoy the conference, how fun I wish I was coming I have never been to Washington State and I have a family member that lives there. If I went to a blog conference and didn’t go to their house I think I might get kicked out of the family :). So were the stinky mushrooms good? Tell us all about the conf. when you get back.

    • Thanks Suzanne, yes the stinky mushrooms were good…just cracks me up that my mushroom guy calls them the stinky mushrooms, but they are good!

  17. Patty – I absolutely LOVE this tartine! A perfect combinaton of goodies. I so look forward to hearing how the conference goes. I am sure you will meet some great folks and see wonderful places and eat incredible food. Have a blast!

  18. Oh Patty! What a gorgeous tartine! I’m sure it tastes even better than it looks (and it looks BEAUTIFUL!) I hope you have an amazing time at the conference. I can’t wait to hear about it! Thank you for sharing!

  19. Wow to the mushroom guy and those mushrooms! I am always so disappointed in mushroom which have no earthy smell. I feel like I have been cheated.
    Enjoy the conference. I am envious.

  20. Yay for tartines! You know I love them…! And beets and shiitakes? They are both in the list of healthiest foods on earth, so you know you are getting all kinds of goodness with every bite! So mouthwatering…

  21. What beautiful, appetizing photos!

  22. Lora @cakeduchess says:

    I want this for dinner now! I saw all the photos and how cool that you met Dorie at IFBC. I would go just to meet her too. Can’t wait to see the rest of your posts about it:)

  23. What a good looking tartine! Hope you had fun at IFBC. Hopefully I can go next year!

  24. wow, look at all those mushrooms! How delicious! :)

  25. Loving these tartines–the colors and the spectacular ingredients! I would have tried to take these on the plane, too!

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