Roasted Carrot Soup with Rustic Basil Pesto for French Fridays with Dorie


This week’s French Fridays with Dorie’s assigned vegetable soup morphed into roasted carrot soup when I found Capay Organic Nantes Carrots at Whole Paycheck.  They have to be the cutest carrots (with the coolest name) that I’ve ever seen and I’m now in search of Nantes carrot seeds…  Carrot soup is one of my all time favorite comfort foods, even when the outside temperature is pushing 90 degrees.  So, I thought this time I’m going to roast the carrots to coax out more carrot flavor before adding them to the soup.  And I don’t normally swirl a thick paste of salty oily garlicky sweet basil on top of my veggie soup but I have to say that Dorie’s soup topping idea is a winner-especially when a large pot of basil right outside your back door is patiently waiting to be snipped for culinary use.  A few toasted baguette slices submerged under the basil pesto would make this roasted carrot soup into a satisfying meal for me and yes.. would make it even more comforting.  Please check out the other contributors to French Fridays with Dorie  – also consider picking up a copy of Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan to cook along with this creative, supportive, smart and friendly online cooking group.


  1. This soup beautiful is just what I need after three straight days of rain and 40 F. temps! (Oh, how I envy your 90 F!) :D

  2. Gorgeous, Patty…I’m absolutely loving this soup! I can’t wait to try it!

  3. I love this soup! Roasting the carrots and adding pesto is such a wonderful idea!

  4. This soup would be perfect for today. It’s still foggy in my neck of the woods and I love the sound of roasted carrots. How nice, too, that you still have basil to harvest from your garden. :)

  5. Your picture is stunning and I love your garnishes! This is the first time I’ve been to your site and the whole layout is beautiful.

  6. Beautifully done! Next time I’ll add pesto!

  7. Gorgeous… love the idea of basil pesto on top! :)

  8. Beautiful soup:) It looks so yummy. I need to try your suggestion of Bail Pesto.

  9. This soup looks gorgeous! Your changes sound wonderfully delicious! Roasted carrots sound perfect!

  10. Patty, My granddaughters may have “nailed” Amazing Grace but you “nailed” this week’s recipe. And, Whole Paycheck is right (although they are trying to do away with that image). Your soup looks delicious and hearty and comfortable. When we had our Aspen garden I always planted Nantes carrots and I got the seeds from The Cook’s Garden ( They have an unbelievable selection. Good luck. Nice Post.

  11. What a simply stunning soup Patty! So perfect for this time of year, although here in the Bay Area it is still more like summer than fall. I hear that rain is going to hit on Monday. Love the rustic basil pesto on top. Lovely photos! Happy, Happy Friday to you!!

  12. Such a beautiful soup. I need to eat more carrots (but can’t stand them raw). This soup looks like it could be the perfect meal for me. Thank you for sharing all that you do. As always, I’m leaving inspired!

  13. What a great idea to roast the carrots first. Your version with pesto topping sounds wonderful. You can definitely find Nantes carrot seeds. We grew them one summer (though I find growing carrots difficult, my soil isn’t good enough).

  14. I have Dorie’s cookbook and wI will be looking for this recipe there! I’m going to Google Nantes carrots, as I don’t think I’ve seen one yet. The name alone sounds very “French” – like Le Puy lentils! Makes it feel more “authentic”!

  15. I still have some basil outside waiting to be used up. They may have those seeds at the Seed Bank in Petaluma it’s right down town. I had to come over here and check out this yummy soup before I knocked off, I’m practicing staying up late for tomorrow, lol. See ya in the morning.

  16. Wow Patty, this looks so good. I’m so glad me met and we obviously have mutual friends as I see lots of familiar names above my own.

  17. Patty – you win the prize for making this soup beautiful :-)
    Best wishes on your carrot seed quest!

  18. Oh man, I wanted to see a pic of those cute carrots. That topping does sound delicious!!

  19. I could have this soup at daily basis! So comforting and flavourful.

  20. I’ve seen a few different versions of this soup. Yours looks fantastic, so colorful and pretty and I love your presentation!

  21. sounds like a fantastic variation of Dorie’s carrot soup recipe, and I like the idea of a pesto to garnish and mix into the soup when served.

  22. It looks delicious Patty – beautiful photo.

  23. Beautiful pictures, elegant and delicious soup !!!!

  24. This soup is exactly what I’m looking for these days, now that it got really cold.

  25. A rustic roasted carrot soup is perfect for this time of year and the pesto swirl adds a punch of flavor and looks so pretty with the red chili garnish. I’ve had Nantes carrots – from Trader Joes, not Whole Paycheck :) They are sweeter than “regular” carrots and fantastic when roasted.

  26. Sounds like a wonderful Fall and winter soup and I think the swirl of basil pesto sounds great too. Pretty photos Patty.

  27. It’s going to be cold this week and your soup sounds like a perfect comforting meal for upcoming week. I’ve never made carrot soup so far (although I love ordering dining out). I need a couple of ingredients from the store for this soup but hoping I can give it a try this week. The basil pesto is a nice kick to the soup and unique!

  28. This soup looks wonderful. Great presentation, Patty. So perfect for these cooler nights.

  29. Hi Patty,
    Your post has made me crave a big bowl of your soup. Wow, 90 it’s been in the 40s here. The carrot name is very cute. Have a great week:)

  30. What a wonderful comfort soup now the weather’s getting colder. Soup is so popular with my family and it’s great to come accross new and different recipes. Can’t wait to try it!

  31. what a fun idea to add pesto to it!! thats certainly a great way to add leftover herbs!

  32. The theme for my cooking club this month is “orange” I might have to try this soup!

  33. What a lovely soup! Dorie’s recipes have never failed me. Again, jealous of the basil you still have growing outdoors.

  34. This seems like the kind of soup my husband would be happy to see on the dinner table. Beautiful and delicious looking!

  35. How beautiful, Patty. Your soup is just picture-perfect!

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