Sable Breton Galette with Berries and Lemon Curd for French Fridays

Could it be possible that I’ve found a new favorite dessert?  I’m talking about a large buttery shortbread cookie spread with a thick layer of homemade lemon curd that’s piled high with fresh berries and sprinkled with lavender vanilla bean sugar.  A BFF of desserts.  Yes, I found a new favorite dessert today.

Once again French Fridays with Dorie  rolls around and this week our group is bringing Sable Breton Galettes with Berries and Lemon Curd to life from the pages of Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.

I paid my local farmer’s market a visit this morning, stocking up on fresh strawberries, blueberries and lemons for the curd.  I used this recipe for the lemon curd, the same one I like with pound cake and berries.  I sprinkled lavender vanilla bean sugar on top of the berries instead of powdered sugar and came up with an easy way to form the galette dough using wax paper to press it into the tart pan before chilling, that’s right no hassle of rolling out the dough.

This may be the Summer of the galette with berries for me  -would it be too much to serve a slice of  this sable breton galette with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream?  I’m thinking ahead for National Ice Cream Month….which I believe is the month of July.

No, I don’t think it would be too much to serve up this sable breton galette with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.  I think that would be a real good idea.  Consider adding a few birthday candles and voila you have  a dessert fit for a birthday celebration.  Unless you were born in July, in which case I think you really should have an ice cream cake.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:93]


  1. This has a shot at becoming my favorite dessert too! It looks absolutely wonderful.
    Have a great weekend, Patty!

  2. Patty, this is so berry beautiful and summery!

  3. This is one of the easiest bases for a lot of toppings. And it does make a great summer cake. Love the dripping curd Patty! Love curd in general really. Have a great weekend!

  4. Simply gorgeous galette, Patty! I loved the ease of prep and the beautiful results of this recipe! A perfect ending to any summer meal! Have a great weekend!

  5. Stunning! And yes, it would totally rock with ice cream!

  6. Patty, you were the first person that came to mind once I realized what this dessert entailed. :-)

  7. What a sublime summer dessert! I’m off to blueberry picking in the morning with thoughts about dessert making. Your scrumptious recipe would be prefect for this Sunday’s dinner!

  8. SO gorgeous with the mound of berries, Patty! And I love your idea of sprinkling with lavender sugar!

  9. Patty, this is Beautiful!! I can see why you’re BFF’s !! :D

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! What I wouldn’t do for a slice of this lovely galette!

  11. Patty this could easily become my favorite dessert. Love the homemade lemon curd and all those fresh berries!! Just beautiful!

  12. Your galette is stunning, Patty! Almost too pretty to eat, though I’m sure I’d manage just fine ;).

  13. I love galettes…especially when topped with some of my favorite flavors. This is a winner, Patty. I can see how this has become your favorite dessert. :)

  14. Beautiful tart! I love that you sprinkled vanilla bean sugar on it. I loved this too!

  15. I love this dessert too… especially for the summer all the fruit topping possibilities and I love the idea of ice cream.

  16. Oh Patty – I believe you have found a perfect dessert! In my book this is the perfect dessert. Simply lovely!!! Hope you enjoy the stunning weather today, since rain is on its way. Happy Saturday!

  17. That is such a gorgeous tart! I can’t get enough strawberries and blueberries right now and lemon curd is a favorite. Perfect dessert in my book!

  18. This dessert could be my BFF any time. So beautiful and summery! :)

  19. I am SO with you on the new BFF of desserts- and I didn’t even make this one !!! :) Nana knocked out amazing little ones and I will plead the 5th on how many I consumed. Suffice it to say, too many. But gosh, they were amazing and with each bite I kept thinking….this is the best thing I have eaten in a very long time. LOVE. Thx for the info about how you added the vanilla- I saw the specks in your top photo and proclaimed them genius. Well done. And great photos to boot !

  20. This is a new favorite or me too. I think this will be a galette summer! I don’t think a scoop of ice cream is over the top. I think it’s the perfect way to serve this in July :)

  21. OH, yes. This could easily become a fave in this house as well. And with just ice cream. Yes, Please.

  22. I will take fruit galette with lemon curd over chocolate cake anyday. Yours looks absolutely delicious. I can just taste it now!

  23. Patty, this galette looks awesome, and yes, I love the combination of lemon curd with the berries…so colorful…perfect for Summer :)

  24. This is a perfect galette to celebrate summer. So colorful and yum!!

  25. Your galette is just beautiful!

  26. Patty, this is absolutely beautiful!! This is why I sometimes miss participating in French Fridays! :)


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