Savory Mushroom Shallot Pie for French Fridays with Dorie


The title of this post should read- savory mushroom shallot pie and the mystery of the missing 9″ quiche pan-sort of sounds like the title of a Nancy Drew mystery story with a food theme twist.  It was a dark and stormy night, it really was…  as I gathered the ingredients to make my quiche I soon realized that my quiche pan was no where to be found!  I turned to my Pyrex pie plate collection for solace, knowing this would not be a very French-like post for French Fridays with Dorie.  Not to worry Dorie’s recipe from Around My French Table bakes into a lovely savory pie.  I opted to use a mixture of mushrooms which added another dimension of earthy mushroom flavor to the delicious pie.  Mushrooms mixed with shallots make a classic flavored quiche that can be served with a light green salad, in my case I used fresh arugula from my garden dressed with a vinaigrette.  Please look at the end of this post for a link to the recipe and here for a link to French Fridays with Dorie to check out the other contributors to this online cooking group.  I hope all the east coast members of the group are okay and have not been harmed in any way by Sandy.  We left/west coasters  have been following the harrowing news reports  and our hearts go out to all those who have been affected and are suffering the results of the storm.
We live in a neighborhood that likes to celebrate Halloween so when possible we invite a group to our home to enjoy the evening and we especially love seeing the sweet trick or treaters that visit us.  Last night I decided to make a few recipes from Around My French Table that I’ve been wanting to try but for one reason or another I hadn’t gotten around to yet.  I made the chicken tagine with sweet potatoes and prunes as well as the apple cake, both recipes that I’ve been wanting to make for quite awhile.  The cake was full of apple chunks and not overly sweet which is how I like my apple cake.  My only change to the recipe was to use Calvados in place of the dark rum in the cake -which I liked very much.  The savory pie was good as well but the overall hit of the night was the chicken tagine- everybody loved it and asked about the spices.  I doubled the recipe and used my largest cast iron dutch oven which held all the ingredients perfectly.  I served it right on top of the stove with saffron rice that I cooked on top of the stove in a similar but smaller dutch oven- a very special recipe for the saffron rice is coming the second week of November.
I have to say that it was helpful to check out the other chicken tagine posts from the FFWD cooking group before I attempted the recipe myself.  I used skinned chicken thighs and changed up the spices per the suggestions of others-thanks for all your inspiration.  If you would like to make the mushroom shallot quiche but don’t own a quiche pan-no worries use a 9″ Pyrex pie plate- this savory pie comes out great -especially if you love a thick pie crust.
Here is a link to Dorie’s recipe on Epicurious as promised, also a few pictures of my daughter  Jen and family dressed in Lorax costumes paying us a visit to trick or treat in our neighborhood!

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  1. Hey – I think your ple version looks great. I went a little more rogue and lost the crust :-)
    Love the Lorax trick or treaters

  2. Patty – this savory pie is making my mouth water!!! I bet it was the hit for the evening. Sounds like you had a great halloween. Love the photos of the little ones – such creative costumes. Lovely photos!!!!

  3. Patty, your Mushroom Shallot Pie looks so incredible; even if you didn’t make it in your springform pan (hope your found it by now) So delicious, I must click to get the recipe. Thanks for sharing the cute Halloween photos of your sweet family. The Lorax outfits are so cute on the ‘cuties’!

  4. Quiche pan or not, this pie looks lovely. I think mores o since it has a handmade look to it! I like the combination of mushrooms and shallot. I kid you not, I just had mushroom sauteed in shallots and wine tonight! If only I took it one step further and made it into a quiche / pie!

    By the way, I love adding Calvados also to many French-type baked goods with apples!

  5. Patty, this savory pie looks incredible! This is definitely going on my to do list! Love it! The Lorax costumes are absolutely wonderful!

  6. Beautifully done…quiche in a Pyrex dish is the way my mom made them :) And since I’ve started blogging, my supply of baking pans has multiplied…and I need to organize my pantry so I can actually find what I need! Hope your quiche dish reappears.

  7. I can practically smell the quiche through my screen…If only I could reach through and taste it too! I hope you locate the missing pan soon. :)

    P.S. Adorable costumes!

  8. This sounds incredible!

  9. I made quiches and tarts in a pie pan for years until I broke down and bought a tart pan. I call it going old school:). Cute trick or treaters! I’m in Dallas because I had to see my grand baby on his first trick or treat! He loved it! Your ‘pie’ and salad look delicious

  10. As I was cutting the quiche I thought the dough felt a lot like pie dough, so I think you used the perfect dish! And it´s the best lunch together with a salad. Beautiful pics Patty!

  11. Very cute trick or treaters! The quiche looks great and the chicken tangine has me wanting the recipe so do share. Glad your Halloween was a good one, have a nice weekend.

  12. Your pie looks great! I love that you made a whole Dorie-meal for company. That apple cake is one of my favorites. Definitely in the top 5 Dorie recipes I make most often. That Lorax family is adorable.

  13. A delightful savoury pie! Wish my husband knew how to appreciate mushrooms..I love them a lot.
    Looks like that you had a great Halloween, Patty.

  14. Wish I was your neighbor Patty, Halloween or any day of the year! This quiche looks wonderful ,quiche pan or not, who cares with such a yummy looking treat!

  15. Too cute, love the Lorax! Nothing wrong with using a pie plate, I don’t have a quiche pan, so it works for me. I am a huge mushroom fan, so I am all over this one!

  16. Your quiche looks delicious. I skipped this recipe because the family isn’t a quiche lover – just me. After seeing your, I am going to make it . I’ll invite friends over to share:) Adorable Trick or Treaters.

  17. Your quiche looks beautiful and I believe “that which we call a quiche, by any other name would taste as yummy”—to very loosely quote Shakespeare. ;)

  18. That looks so delicious–it would be perfect for a light dinner.

  19. HI Patty, I LOVE Halloween, so enjoyed seeing some of your trick-or-treaters. Your pie looks just as good as a quiche. This was definitely one of my favorite recipes we’ve made. How wonderful that you have fresh arugula growing in your garden. We’re about to have a hard frost. About all I have left growing are herbs, which should make it until early December before going dormant until spring. I was able to use oodles of my own fresh thyme. Glad that you enjoyed the chicken tagine and apple cake too. It sounds like a wonderful Dorie fest. Have a great weekend.

  20. Your dish looks fantastic!
    Love the Halloween outfits, very cute!

  21. Hi Patty, fantastica the mushroom pie….it is much better of the usual omelette and I will try also….
    Very nice also the creative costumes…..
    Ciao francesca

  22. Halloween is such fun, I love to see the little ones coming to the door for treats, they get so excited.
    Gorgeous photos. Your quiche looks good and it certainly works well in almost any pan. Great job.

  23. I am in love with your photos of this awesome-looking savory pie! I’m so glad there is a link to Dorie’s recipe because I’m going to be following it shortly. Love your addition of the mushrooms!

  24. This looks scrumptious, Patty! I love mushrooms & shallots!

  25. Love the Lorax. What clever outfits. They look so cute as do Mom and Dad. The photograph of your quiche and lettuce is gorgeous whether you used a French tart pan or a Pyrex pie plate. I thought the quiche was delicious also. Most of us liked the chicken tagine so I am glad you made it for all your guests to enjoy, I haven’t made the apple cake yet and I better get to it while apples are fresh and in season. Nice Posts. Nice family.

  26. The Lorax costumes are adorable! And your quiche/pie looks super tasty. I haven’t made the apple cake yet either but now I am very curious to try it. Beautiful pictures Patty!

  27. Love the family pictures and I would have loved to be in your neighborhood so I could enjoy all the dishes you made.

    I’m always, always missing the tools I need in the kitchen. Your dish didn’t suffer one bit by using your Pyrex plate. Looks so good!

  28. Patty, I’ve been dying to try that tagine, and your comments really sealed the deal. It sounds wonderful! And the shallot pie looks delicious too.

    Your little Loraxes are as cute as can be! Sounds like you had a great Halloween.

  29. Love the pics of your beautiful family…such fun! And your quiche/pie did beautifully in a pie pan instead. Looks amazing, and I love that you added a mix of mushrooms…delightful!

  30. Your quiche is wonderful and would make the perfect light lunch, especially with the arugula salad. Great Halloween pics of your family

  31. I had a chance to check several posts on the quiche, but I think I love yours the most – the pictures look so perfect and I really want to pick up a piece and start eating! The photo is working!! :) And I’m loving your Lorax family!

  32. I’m with you – mushrooms and shallots are classic and I’ve always used a Pyrex pie plate. Very cute Lorax family, we had the Adams family come visit, but no Mom and Dad Lorax :)

  33. I have not made this yet, but am looking forward to it. Your pie looks wonderful and how perfect to have salad greens from your garden to serve along with it.

  34. Those costumes were just too adorable. I think it looks great in the pie pan. I’m glad the weather wasn’t too frightful for us, but so sad for those who were affected by Sandy.

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