Slow Roasted Garden Tomatoes For Two

This week’s recipe from Around My French Tableis a simple and delicious way to prepare tomatoes.  A few generous handfuls of assorted tomatoes from my garden patch, sliced, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with fresh thyme, sea salt and thinly sliced garlic ignored for a while in a slow oven and there you have it.  My above photo was shot right after I pulled the tomatoes out of the oven and I think it’s real pretty, kind of like modern tomato art!  The roasted tomatoes shrink quite a bit so start with more than you think is enough.

I seasoned a piece of halibut with sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, white wine, olive oil and Thai basil.  Then wrapped it in parchment before baking in the oven.  I also picked zucchini from the garden, sliced and sauteed them in olive oil.  I know this is looking pretty healthy but that’s okay, we can not live on cookies alone even though sometimes I would like to try!

We enjoyed these slow roasted seasoned fresh tomatoes, I think it’s is a great technique for concentrating the tomato flavor and it was quite good with the halibut.  We’re not supposed to post the actual recipe from Around My French Table as those of you know who’ve been following the online cooking group of Doristas from French Fridays with Dorie.  Please check out the other links here, when it becomes available.


  1. Wow, Patty! What a wonderful summer meal! Our tomatoes are slow incoming this summer because of the cool weather. Beautiful photos!

  2. JenKuhlmann says:

    that looks AMAZING!

  3. looks great! i roasted a large cookie sheet full of tomatoes yesterday. they get SO sweet when you roast them.

  4. I love slow-roasted tomatoes, I usually do big batches and seal them into jars for use during the winter…DG's dinner version sounds delicious though. Lovely pics too :)

  5. Great minds think alike! (Also cooked up the zucchini & summer squash with the tomatoes).
    What a beautiful assortment from your garden.

  6. What a perfect summer meal! Beautiful!

  7. GORGEOUS!! That was delicious! Mine will be up a bit later.

  8. Love the different colors of tomatoes! So festive!

  9. Those tomatoes are from your garden!? zucchini too? You know this got me excited because I think it's really cool to have produce that you planted when it's little. I keep looking at my tomatoes every single day waiting for they being mature!

    Yes, roasted tomatoes bring out great flavor. I sometimes blend it with roasted eggplant to make a sauce or spread. Beautiful pictures Patty! A modern art indeed!

  10. What a pretty meal!

  11. What an amazing assortment of tomatoes, Patty. I'm so jealous that these came from your own garden. The birds keep eating ours as they ripen :( Your halibut dinner looks so delicious. Have a great weekend.

  12. Happy Friday Patty! Looks just divine and I love when you roast tomatoes since it just brings out their natural flavors and they are super tasty. Enjoy your weekend! I bet you have a game of golf on the calendar :)

  13. Roasted tomatoes are fabulous. I am still waiting for my tomatoes to ripen. Although we are in competition with the ground hogs and rabbits that like to nibble at them.

  14. Beautiful side with your halibut. Lovely photos as always, Patty!

  15. Your tomatoes are beautiful! I love the combination of red and yellow tomatoes. This was one of my favorites.

  16. This is definitely my favorite way to eat tomatoes. They look lovely.

    Maria @ A Platter of Figs

  17. What a gorgeous, healthy meal, Patty! Your tomatoes are gorgeous. I might need some pointers because my tomato plant – RIP!

  18. When you slow roast tomatoes, the flavor and sugars become so concentrated and delicious. I often make pasta with a blue cheese sauce and then toss through roasted tomatoes and spinach chiffonade. YUM to roasted tomatoes!

  19. back home, Greenville AL, we made a tomato salsa using peeled garden tomatoes, peppers, garlic etc and cooking them the same way for hours – I remember the flavor being so intense, we used it for BBQ sauce on chickens… now I am just gonna have to look that recipe up…. any way, I know it is rude to talk about me, me, me, but your, your, your fab roasted tomatoes sent me in a time warp and well, you know by now I'm a little off…. by the way, that fish looks fab too as does the squash… my kind of eating

  20. What a healthy and delicious looking meal. Nana and I adored these tomatoes and she made a second batch today. We were using store bought but the ones from your garden look just gorgeous. I will have to check the farmers market to get some yellow ones for next time ~

  21. What a perfect way to use some of the many tomatoes I have ripening in my garden! I counted 35 tomatoes on ONE tomato plant so I'm definitely in need of some tomato recipes! Thanks for following me on twitter. I look forward to checking out more of your recipes!!

  22. That looks like a restaurant-worthy meal, Patty! I think next time I make these, I'll use a variety of tomatoes. Love the way they look in your photos.

  23. I've got lots of tomatoes on the vine and can't wait to roast them! Perfect summer meal Patty – enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  24. How colourful and pretty! And they are all from your own garden! I am really impressed.

  25. I really love how you paired the beautiful roasted tomatoes with halibut, Patty! I love roasted vegetables and of course the tomatoes. Now is the perfect time to make them when tomatoes are in abundance!
    Superb job, as with all your Dorie projects:D

  26. All these fabulous recipes which incorporate roast tomatoes at the moment make me very determined that I need to start growing my own. This looks delicious!

  27. This is a terrific meal, the roasted tomatoes are just gorgeous!

  28. That is a wonderful looking meal! The tomatoes are a perfect garnish for halibut and your sauteed zucchini rounds out the whole thing perfectly.

  29. Gorgeous photos Patty! Roasted tomatoes are one of the best things in the world. I make them year round and can't stop eating them, hehe:) It is so great that you have a garden to pick from.

  30. What a beautiful summer dish…my garden is bursting with tomatoes this year and Adam has already done a few sauces, I need to try this out. And love this wonderfully prepared halibut :)
    Gorgeous photos, meal…everything!

  31. Those tomatoes are stunning, Patty! Gorgeous tomatoes like this are one of my favorite foods this time of year…and I love the intense flavor they get from slow-roasting!

  32. Your photos look beautiful … so appetizing. I would love to have shared that meal with you! MmmHmm!

  33. Are you sure we can't live on cookies alone, he he. Thank you for your sweet offer of lunch. I have one more week till college girls leaves, then I'm a free bird. Let me know what works for you. I just roasted a pan of tomatoes of sauce, I should have thrown in the herbs. Hope you are having a great week.

  34. Beautiful! I love the idea of roasting tomatoes, specially when they come in all sizes, shapes and colors.
    Hope you are having a great week Patty :-)

  35. I was hoping to be the first to comment on this Friday's FFWD! Have a great weekend, Patty – I'll check back :)

  36. Yes…modern tomato art!

  37. Hi Patty,
    I envy you for having these beauty in your garden. oh, how I wish I had a garden.
    We all love roasted tomatoes, such a delicious lunch or even dinner idea!

  38. I can't wait til my tomatoes have ripened so I can try this – I love your tomato art! :)

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