Speculoos with Nutella Sandwich Cookies

The house smells like Christmas with spices like cinnamon, ginger and cloves from the speculoos cookies I baked today for a cookie exchange later this week.  The idea for sandwiching these fragrant spicy cookies together with Nutella comes from the Bonne Idee note next to the speculoos recipe in Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.  I missed making these cookies with the online cooking group French Fridays with Dorie when they made them earlier this year but after my trip to Belgium where I tasted freshly made speculoos from a bakery in Brussels, I knew I would be making them this Christmas holiday season.

Speculoos is a spice cookie traditionally served with coffee and especially enjoyed during the Christmas season in Belgium.  They are spicy in flavor similar to gingerbread cookies but their thin and crisp texture makes them completely different.  They should be rolled out thinner if made into a sandwich cookie.  The most important thing is to make sure the dough is thoroughly chilled, almost rock hard before cutting out the cookies.

The recipe for speculoos can be found in Around My French Table and hereat In the Kitchen and On the Road with Dorie.  On our recent trip to Europe we were fortunate to spend an afternoon exploring the historic city of Bruges which is a short train ride outside of Brussels.

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  1. I'll pretend I didn't see this, lol. Mmm, can't wait. I love those shots, everything is so orderly. Hope you are doing okay.

  2. I love the cookie mould! So adorable.

  3. Oh, Patty. These cookies are gorgeous. Actually, they are perfect. I need a cookie mould like yours–well, I need your cookie baking talent, too! I never have confidence with cookies.

    Love the pictures of Bruges–hubs and I hope to visit Belgium someday.

    Hope your week is great!

  4. I just saw a recipe for something like these cookies and I haven't been able to find it. Love, love love 'em!
    and the photos are stunning. Just beautiful!

  5. So beautiful! Cinnamon, ginger and cloves are the cookie spice trifecta in my book, especially at this time of year! :)

  6. Patty, These are so lovely! So pretty with the nutella sandwiched in between. I just made a batch of this dough because speculoos is always part of our baking. My husband is Dutch. I love Dorie's recipe. Easy to handle and roll. Your photos of Bruges are gorgeous! We visited there a few years ago and absolutely loved it. So enjoyed watching the ladies making their lace.

  7. I hadn't heard of these before but they sound delicious! BTW – what's involved in a cookie exchange?

  8. Mother of Pearl, Patty – these are absolutely beautiful! (So glad you are back)

  9. Patty these look awesome and tempting of course:)) Im following you dear:)

  10. love the pictures too Patty:)

  11. These are gorgeous! I messed this recipe up when I made it before (left out the egg) and they were still delicious.

    Thanks for the beautiful photos from Brussels. It looks enchanting. Belgium is on my list of places I'm dying to visit.

  12. I'm not a big cookie maker but I really did enjoy making these last year. Last year I sandwiched them with dulce la leche and they were sinful. Nuttella would be my choice this year as I have only recently discovered it. I know…sigh.

  13. Oh my, Patty! I loved these last year – they are an instant way to make your house smell just like Christmas! I really like your leaf cookie cutter, too! Beautiful!

  14. I visited Bruges about 25 years ago (I was very young!!) and thought it was one of the loveliest places I've been. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  15. Your Speculoos are lovely, Patty! They have been on my list of things to make for too long now…and now I'm definitely inspired! :) They sound fantastic sandwiched with Nutella!

  16. Your cookies look beautiful. I love that you cut out leaf shapes. It truely makes them stand out and then filling them with Nutella has to be incredible. I have her book but haven't made these yet nor have I posted her recipes online in ages. After the first of the year I'll have to make these. Thanks for sharing your lovely version.

  17. Yeah speculoos does taste great. We ate it year round at my house. It's also very nice on bread, with a layer of butter. Your pictures look great, and the version with nutella, I am certainly going to try.

  18. Patty: what lovely cookies and great pictures.

    Taking the time to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  19. How beautiful…both the scenery and the cookies. They look just too good. I wish I had one to go with my tea now! I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday, my friend. I'm about to begin a week of baking, traveling and celebrating with family. Much love and many blessings.

  20. Patty-your speculoos are gorgeous, and delicious!
    For a moment…I got confused, thinking it's a photo of homes, after a flood!…Duh! so dumb I am, sometimes, not to mention, goofy!
    Gorgeous photos of your European adventures!

  21. I love your cookie cutter. Those leaf veins are so perfect. I loved these cookies last year and hope to make them again later this week. I found Speculoos Butter at Trader Joe's this week (on the east coast). I wonder how that would be sandwiched between speculoos? After seeing your photos of the charming Bruges, I've added it to my list of places to visit. Hope you enjoy the holidays, Patty! Seasons greetings!

  22. Beautiful leaf speculoos…and filled with chocolate makes them even better. Bruges is on my bucket list…and your lovely photos have made me yearn to travel there SOON.

  23. Gorgeous leaf speculoos, Patty! Wasn't Bruges the most picturesque village? That looks like are biking group at the cafe :) You went every place that we did – plus some!

  24. I love speculoos, Bruges, and your sandwiches are incredible!!
    Happy Xmas Patty!

  25. How adorable and scrumptious are these?!? You did a wonderful creation ;o)

    Thanks for refreshing my memory of why Bruges was one of the most charming places I had the opportunity to visit as well. I only wished to have stayed more. Belgium in general was a very cherished destination.

    …Dear Patty
    Just briefly passing by to wish you and your loved ones the finest of Holiday seasons.
    I'm very much looking forward to hopefully soon joining my Foodies again ;o) Until then, all the very best towards a desirable New Year.

    Flavourful wishes,

  26. Mmmm…these look wonderful. I have to make speculoos again and will try to squeeze them in this week. Your photos are fantastic as always, Patty. That is such a great photo of the nun statue!

  27. Beautiful cookies and gorgeous pictures! I baked a batch of speculoos-men this weekend too! Thanks for showing a little bit of Belgium in your post.

  28. These cookies are absolutely stunning! And thank you for sharing your pictures of Bruges–looks like a beautiful place to visit.

  29. Patty, your speculoos are picture perfect, as are the pictures of Belgium. Such a charming country, and the cookies with Nutella are a perfect marriage. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas!

  30. Those cookies look and sound delicious! Where did you get such a lovely cookie mold. I wish you would have shown us a picture. Thanks for sharing all those gorgeous photos of your trip. Looks so serene.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

  31. The last pic with that sculpture is kinda creepy :D These cookies look wonderful with nutella filling. Your baked goodies always make me drool! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, Patty!

  32. Bellas imágenes y sus galletas lucen maravillosas con nutela,me encanta,el moldees muy hermoso,abrazos y FELIZ NAVIDAD junto a su familia.

  33. These are just so pretty and festive! And love all of these gorgeous photos!

  34. I’m so glad Nancy included these in her cookie round-up today. Gorgeous! Considering I love Speculoos and Nutella, these are a must try! :)

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