Spinach, Potato and Bacon Quiche for French Fridays with Dorie

I just came home after a wonderful lunch at The Wayfare Tavern in San Francisco with Gina from SPCookieQueen and believe me it’s a good thing that I’m still on a high from meeting her because I was hoping to return home, find Blogger restored and post my link to French Fridays with Dorie.  But, Quel Malheur! Blogger dumped my post and now I have to reconstruct it from the beginning, yes it was done but now it’s undone, gone, vanished into thin air!  Normally I post a few photos of the finished product and call it a day but this week I posted a series of photos on my tart dough making process complete with captions, again, let me repeat, Quel Malheur!!!  Right now, and no I did not have wine with lunch but I should have, I wish I was on a game show where you win money$$$ for how many times you say Quel Malheur!! or a trip to France.  I’m going to load up the photos again try to remember the captions and as they say, Keep Calm and Blog On!  Please check out the links of the other contributors to this online cooking group here.  If you would like this recipe and more  please pick up a copy of Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.  Also consider cooking along with this group!

I also wanted to explain why I put potatoes in this bacon and spinach quiche.  I didn’t have enough spinach!  By the time I steamed, rinsed and drained my spinach I had about 1/2 cup of spinach so not wanting to go to the market I looked in my pantry and decided to use potatoes.  We loved the tart and enjoyed it for dinner with a green salad and a glass of wine.  The next morning we had a slice with a cup of coffee for breakfast.  This is not a cheesy quiche, it is a hearty flavorful meal of a quiche that I will definitely make again and again.

Just a quick note about the tart dough that I photographed for a Tourteau de Chèvre for my friend Christie’s birthday party this weekend. The finished dough goes into a springform pan, I hope that’s not confusing to anyone. I spent a lot of time on this post yesterday, I just rushed through it so I could still post it today.

Start with ice cold bits of butter and an egg mixed into a few teaspoons of chilled water
Place the bits of butter on top of flour, a small amount of sugar and salt that has already been blended together in the food processor
An exterior view, don’t overdo the pulsing of the butter into the flour mixture
 There should be fairly large pieces of butter in the flour mixture, now you can add the liquid ingredients
The dough starts to clump but don’t let if form into a ball, again don’t overdo it!
Reach inside the food processor and give the dough a good pinch- that’s what I’m talking about!
Turn the dough out on top of the wrap and form into a disk, give it a few kneads with the heel of your hand
Wrap the disk and refrigerate for at least three hours, notice the bits of butter in the dough
Flour the rolling pin, as needed, also sprinkle flour underneath the dough
 Roll out the dough from the center, lifting and turning as you go
 Flip the dough over using the plastic wrap and fit into the pan, carefully peel off the wrap
Trim dough to fit the pan with a knife
Wrap and Freeze, Remember this tart dough is in a springform pan for my Tourteau de Chèvre
Wow, I really built up an appetite after all of that!


  1. I think adding the potato was a great idea to help with the lack of spinach. Your quiche looks great!

  2. I'm so glad you were able to get everything back! Your pictures are beautiful and the quiche looks amazing! Quite an adventure this time, eh?

  3. Oo-la-la-la! C'est magnifique! How dare Blogger try to mess with French Fridays! As always, your pics are photofabulous! And I love the spinach, bacon and badadas combo! Happy weekend, Patty!

  4. I usally make pastry dough by hand instead of the processor…so it was really great to see the detailed photos of the processor process. You got some really great shots there.
    And I think adding potatoes is a great touch. Yum!

  5. So sorry to hear about your post gone MIA, but you did a great job reconstructing it here! I also heart your pastry-making tutorial, so helpful. And I love the unmelted sprinkling of grated cheese on top!

  6. Patty, this is such a great recipe and it turned out beautifully! I am loving the dough making instructions. Yes, I had the same issue with Blogger for the past couple of days. Ugh…so frustrating. But great job reconstructing the post.

    Cocina Diary

  7. It was so great meeting you and sharing that wonderful lunch with you. I forgot to tell you I made the quiche for today but couldn't put it on blogger because it's been down. I like the addition of the potatoes. I'm making it my mission to recreate that lime dessert. Hope to see you again soon and that you have a great weekend.

  8. Your quiche looks so delicious!! Love that you added potatoes…I'm sure it tasted wonderful. I added mushrooms in addition to the spinach…was yummy! Great photos!

  9. I hate when that happens – you think you have enough of something but when it comes time to use it you're totally short! Great idea to use the potato though, I think that it is an excellent addition to the spinach and bacon :)
    I wish I lived up in SF! That would have been fun to join you and Gina.

  10. Very nice!

  11. Hi Patty,

    Ugh! Sorry that Blogger erased your whole post :( Thank you for reloading all those photos and showing us the step by step again though, you're a sweetheart. Despite the fact that you didn't have enough spinach and had to resort to potatoes, I think it turned out for the better. This is definitely one of the best looking quiches I've seen. I only eat bacon if it's fried to a crisp (blush), but I'd sure love a slice of this yumminess. Get any more close up and I'd have to take a bite out of my phone. Teehee. Hope you have a great weekend, Patty!

  12. Yeah, blogger was down the whole day, bummer! :(
    That's awful that your whole post got dumped as well, it's really frustrating!! You're just so patient and continued to post the whole thing all over again, and it's really worth it, everyone loved it, based on the comments :D

  13. What a gorgeous quiche!
    I temporarily lost my Thursday post but eventually got it back (not the comments yet). Yikes!

  14. Also I frgot to tell you to back up everything with blogspot. I tried leaving a comment before and it diappeared. Go to my blog and see what happened to me.

    Love your quiche and the tutorial. After 13 months of posting I lost my blog, my followers, etc…

  15. Yeah, I lost my original post too… Fortunately, I hadn't uploaded pictures yet.
    Nice process pictures on the dough.

  16. not sure why some posts reappeared and others did not – I lost all previous comments during the two day blackout, but was glad to get the post back…
    so glad to have your photos on the tart crust, although I have made many, I mentioned to Lana that I just cannot make a decent pie crust, maybe your clear instructions will help, and yep, tried freezing butter, etc, doing everything I have ever read, but my crusts are always tough and guess overworked

  17. That's how I make my Quiche crust. It is just the best. I like your idea to add potatoes. I also often use what it is my fridge and it makes for the best outcomes. Great pictures!

  18. I can just imagine potatoes in this quiche…and they are a great addition in my mind. Blogger. Well, I just won't say any more…I rely too much on working technology in my busy life. When my girls ask how to make a good crust, I'm sending them to your blog…great process photos, etc.

  19. Of course the day you put all that extra effort in, blogger goes down. Quel malheure indeed!
    Thankfully for us readers you took the time to put it back together again, because it looks amazing!

  20. I got up early before work on Friday to do my post and then Blogger was down … I was annoyed, but if I had done all this work I would have been fuming!! Thanks for re-doing it : )

  21. I am deeply jealous of your process photos. They look amazing. You rock sista!

  22. Great pictorial on the crust. It is always the hardest part for me. I loved this recipe and I think the potato addition was genius!

  23. I did my own crust, but wish I had gotten to see your pictures before! I love the way the cheese strands look in the top picture. Your blog posts are always wonderful, Patty.

  24. Patty – Sorry to hear you lost your post! Glad that blogger is back up. I adore Wayfare tavern – did you have the fried chicken? This quiche looks supreme. Happy Sunday!!

  25. Patty, Because I enjoy your blog and because I think you are very creative…I am passing on an 8 in one award to you. You can pick it up via my blog.

  26. Hi, Patty! Thanks for stopping by – we are practically neighbors! :) I was gone when Blogger went haywire, so I am sorry you lost your post and had to reconstruct it again. I love your photos and I love that you added potatoes to your quiche. Yours is just beautiful!

  27. This week I'm glad I use WordPress. You Blogger bloggers had a rough time this week.
    Anyway, your quiche looks great. I was a little short of spinache, but just went with it, but I wish I'd thought of adding potatoes. Great idea! Did you cook them first?
    Also, your crust process photos are excellent.

  28. Hi Betsy, yes I steamed the potatoes and sliced them before layering into the quiche, patty

  29. That's one great looking quiche! Very colourful and appetizing with spinach, bacon and potatoes!

  30. That sucks!! Blogger got -100 pnts from me this week.
    I keep smiling as reading this post. You're so funny, Patty! Thanks for the tutorial photo series of pastry dough. That's really helpful. You did a really great job with a substition. It looks soo good and i love the bacon!

  31. Patty, that is a perfect crust if I ever saw one. Great photo-demo!

  32. I love all the flavors in this quiche! And I really appreciate the dough tutorial, since pie/tart dough always intimidates me a little!

  33. The same thing happened to me!! Patty, you are becoming more and more French by the minute…One of these days your blog will be called “Les plats savoureux de Pattie” ;D

  34. That's horrible how so many people lost their post due to the Blogger outage. I luckily didn't, but even so I always backup my post and code to my computer hard drive. I bet you had a blast with Gina :) Your quiche looks so scrumptious! I love potatoes and eggs so I know yours tasted amazing.

  35. This looks great- I love the potatoes in it. :) Your photos are gorgeous!

  36. Great photos! I would never fault you for adding potatoes to ANYTHING and they are so appropriate here of course. Fantastic presentation as always Patty!

  37. Sorry you had to redo your post, I guess some people got them back. My understanding they were all to be re-uploaded? I like the add of potatoes to supplement for the remaining spinach, really is a meal :)Plus it's gorgeous!

  38. WOW! This looks absolutely amazing! The addition of potatoes is great with me (I'm a self-proclaimed tater addict!).

    Too bad you had to rewrite your post (it's happened to me as well). :(

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