Spinach Salad with carrots, tangerines and black toasted sesame seeds

Spinach Tangerine Salad
A potted dwarf tangerine tree is a California thing and if you live in California or somewhere with a similar climate, you might consider adding a small tangerine tree to your patio.  Tangerines are so sweet and juicy picked fresh from the tree, they will be your special backyard treat.  We eat a lot of spinach salads, especially in the winter months.  I do different things with my salads, like add chopped red bell peppers, toasted sliced almonds or hard boiled eggs.  We liked this recipe for a simple healthy fresh spinach salad created with a generous serving of tangerine slices.  I found the original recipe for this salad in The Complete Diabetes Cook Book by America’s Test Kitchen.  I made a few adaptions, not taking anything away in the healthy eating department, so enjoy the recipe and the healthy spinach salad.


  1. Simple, fresh and so very tasty…definitely my kind of everyday salad!

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