Strawberry Lemon Lime Bars

Jammy slices of strawberries nestled into a lemon lime filling supported by an oat-y flavored shortbread crust were a couple of good reasons why I thought it was okay to mess with one of my favorites- Classic Lemon Bars.  Plus the strawberries look pretty- all jammy on top of the lemon lime filling.  The strawberries and lemons came from my visit to the farmer’s market and the lime juice with zest came from the freezer, part of my Key lime stash that I juiced and zested for a rainy day.  While it didn’t really rain yesterday, we had a full day of foggy drizzle with not a blue sky to be seen.  So, on went the oven and in went my strawberry lemon lime bars.
Lemons, limes and strawberries are naturals baked together in these bar cookies.  Next time I would like to try blueberries or maybe a mix of fresh berries on top of these rich citrusy shortbread bar cookies.  The oatmeal in the shortbread crust is another twist on the classic lemon bars but adds a nice oat-y flavor.  I’m also thinking that these bars would make a good addition to a Father’s Day barbecue-now we just need our sunny blue skies to hang around for the weekend.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:91]


  1. Beauties! I can’t decide if I like the strawberry-citrus filling or the oatmeal shortbread more. Either way, these are winners! :)

  2. Oh, all my favouites in one yummy bar!! Please send over a dozen or so…it’s about to get stormy and wild. :D

  3. Oh Patty, these bars are so pretty, I love the combination of lemon and strawberries, and the crust with oat sounds great. Awesome pictures…as always :D
    Hope you are having a great week!

  4. These are lovely, Patty! Perfect flavor combination for summer snacking or dessert after a light dinner. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You´re right to trade your usual bars for these. They´re stunning both in flavor and looks! The oats are a great idea. I love them in everything, and they balance the rest of the starches so well.

  6. Oh Patty, these look amazing! I went strawberry picking today and have a big basket of beautiful strawberries to use up…Your bars look like the perfect way to use them!

  7. Oh yum, I love all these flavors together! Good job messing with a classic :)

  8. Amazing colours and photos, Patty. I love these summery bars.

  9. Exceptional photos Patty! You have captured the essence of summer in the scrumptious Strawberry Lemon Lime Bars!

  10. Patty, your berry topped citrus bars are just gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of an oat crust…I love everything about these delicious beauties!

  11. So now I know to come to you for great recipes to use up all my strawberries. These bars sound wonderful! I love the oatmeal twist too.

  12. Lemons, limes and berries? Those bars couldn’t get any better! They’re so pretty and I know they’d be delicious. Enjoy your Father’s Day barbecue!

  13. I love everything about these bars. They look like they have the perfect crust to filling ratio and it’s always a bonus when they’re baked in a 9×13 pan–means more bars to go around!

  14. Sold! Love the bright citrus and crunchy oat crust. Great recipe, Patty! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating Father’s Day :)

  15. Patty, I love these!!! That crust ,and those flavors, and the strawberries…lawd, I’m about to attack the screen! GORGEOUS!

  16. looks delicious & mouthwatering!

  17. Wow, these bars look so so good! I know I would love these lemon-lime bars with strawberries on top, I like the idea of your next creation to try it with blueberries. Have a wonderful weekend Patty.

  18. Oh Patty, these look simply divine! My mouth is watering as I write this comment. Your photos are simply perfect. These are a MUST make. Hope you have a great weekend!

  19. Be still my heart!!! First you have the strawberry nestled into my favorite lemon/lime, but then you put it all over the oaty goodness??? Pure brilliance!!! I love very single thing about this recipe, well, except for the fact that I might have to share….

  20. Hi there my friend. Remember me, I’m the one who used to write a blog, lol. I wish I had seen this sooner, I would have tried this for Father’s Day. I had some blueberries on their last leg, but I will probably look for more strawberries this week. I like how the strawberries still look good on your bars, sometimes they don’t look good baked. Hope you guys have a Happy Father’s Day weekend. Hope you can come to the jam party too.

  21. Cristina says:

    I luv everything about these cookie bars, Patty! So perfect for strawberry season…absolutely gorgeously captured too from your camera…pinned! :)

  22. Delicious and beautiful! Some flavors are just meant for each other. Strawberries and citrus are an excellent pairing! We have a new found love of shortbread at our house, so I think this bar is going to meet rave reviews. Thanks!

  23. These look so delicious Patty! I’m getting that you wouldn’t want to mess with Lemon bars… but certainly these were worth the risk! Yum. And great photos!

  24. Patty, such a gorgeous dessert! I just love how the strawberries marble into the lemon!

  25. Beautiful dessert bars! Love the colors. Pinned!

  26. Ahhh such a gorgeous photos of bars! First of all, strawberries got my full attention, and I loooooove that you added citrus in sweets. It’s my favorite flavor. I’m afraid I’ll finish those bars on a plate in one sitting… and I can be a fruit bar monster. :D

  27. You are killing me with all of these delicious desserts! Can you tell I haven’t had dinner yet? :) What a glorious version of a lemon bar!

  28. These look like perfect little pieces of summer! and I love the fact that there is oatmeal in them.

  29. In the recipe it states to lower the oven temperature before putting it in the oven the second time, but it doesn’t mention what to lower it to. Help? ;)

  30. Is there any substitute for the vanilla bean paste?

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