Sunken Treasure Peanut Butter Cup Brownies


My latest press box goodies, a chocolate brownie treat so good that my son almost didn’t want to share it with co-workers in the press box at yesterday’s 49ers tie game (24-24-we should have won!) with Saint Louis.  Sunken Treasure Peanut Butter Cup Brownies- a chocolate brownie with a bite of peanut butter cup in each piece.  I did the honor of cutting a brownie in half to reveal it’s sunken treasure for you but for the chocolate peanut butter lover a bite into one of these brownies will reveal a lot more.  Happiness is the first thing that comes to mind but I would also like to add love, yes, a kind of love from the baker to the ones we bake for even if we bake just for ourselves- we bake out of love.  With the Thanksgiving holidays around the corner and all the work involved with preparing our holiday meals, we who host our family and friends might want to consider meditating on the subject of what we do for love…I am firmly in the food is love camp.  These days I have taken to baking and sharing exactly what I want and more than ever, baking really has become my thing.  Today I have ripe pears on the counter and I think I hear them calling to me..bake me in something today…then there is dinner and a quick trip to the grocery store on my to do list today so I better get to it!  I leave you with a few more pictures of brownies and the following recipe, please enjoy.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:43]


  1. Oh yes this is definitely a treasure here. How are these speaking to me through the screen I’ll never know but they are. Love em Patty.

  2. Lovely, Yummy, yes please!

  3. OMG!! These look totally sinful! Would love one with my cup of tea right now!!

  4. These brownies look so, so good! I love the hidden PB cups!

  5. After seeing all the wonderful things that come out of your oven, I love that you love baking! :D (I doubt I want to share these either.)

  6. I love brownies and having the little PB cups inside is just wonderful! Keep on baking Patty! You take out marvelous stuff from your oven!

  7. I’d be digging for all the treasures for sure! I love peanut butter cups and brownies, oh my! It’s definitely the kind of treat I won’t be sharing!

  8. I’d love to sink my teeth into these over-the-top brownies…Wow!

  9. Oh-so-decadent! I wouldn’t want to share these either. Instead, keep a stash for myself! This is some serious brownie business. And since peanut butter cups are a fave, I give this a perfect 10 brownie points!

  10. ‘Be still my heart’…OMG, Patty, these are the most irresistable, gorgeous and droolworthy brownies that I have seen in a long time! Totally right about the hidden treasure…just love the adorable little peanut-butter cups in the brownies! Photos are superb, as well:) Have a great week!

  11. I love the hidden treasure! These brownies look heavenly, Patty.

  12. My husband would feel he’d died and gone to heaven if I made these for him :) What a delicious idea!

  13. A little hidden treasure indeed Patty:) Your post reminded me of Like Water for Chocolate and how the protagonist says that the secret to her food is love. So true if we put our love into it the food tastes way better. Your family is very lucky to have you baking and cooking for them. Feel better and thanks for sharing.

  14. What fun brownies. For a minute I didn’t think you were posting anymore because it took me to your june post and each time I clicked on your logo it took me there. Then somehow I ended up here.

    I love these brownies and what a fun surprise you get inside. My husband would love these. Thanks for sharing them.

  15. Love the name – “Sunken Treasures” – since the hidden treasure is just that. I bet your son is popular at work with all of the treats you send with him. These look super tasty. Sorry about the niners!

  16. I couldn’t wait to pin these brownies because I was charmed by the name and how appetizing they looked. But I tried about 5 times to leave a comment and kept on getting distracted from the computer. Glad I’m here now to properly enjoy them. Can I be adopted into your family? I would really appreciate seeing these on the Thanksgiving table. :)

  17. Lora @cakeduchess says:

    Food is love and I am loving the hidden treasure. A decadent and delightful treat, Patty:)

  18. Sorry to be selfish but I too don’t want to share with anyone if I have these brownies. ;) I’d eat every 2 hours with a tea or coffee…and I’d be continuously happy all day long! I haven’t had really good brownies for a while, and just one piece of yours would made me so happy! I’m saving this recipe for sure. I got to make this brownie one day!!

  19. How did you keep your peanut butter cups from melting into the brownie?? i do the same thing with a cupcake recipe of mine, and i cant get my pb cups to not melt into it… ive even tried freezing them first…. any pointers?

    • pattysfood says:

      These brownies are so dense that as long as the peanut butter cups are not touching the edge of the pan they don’t melt, so maybe it’s the thinner consistency of your cupcake batter that is causing the peanut butter cups to melt? I’m guessing as I’ve never tried baking peanut butter cups in a cupcake;-)

  20. Patty, you may have just convinced me to like peanut butter cups! These brownies looks divine, and I don’t think that I would share them either :)

  21. These are too cute Patti and on top of that they look fantastic, wow, what a fun treat!

  22. I’m firmly in the food is love camp too, Patty. And I miss having the “kids” around to cook/ bake for! These little treasures look decadently delicious and I don’t blame your son thinking twice about sharing ;)

  23. Oh wow, what a treat these are! These were just meant for the holidays///lovely!

  24. Another one of your chocolate wonders that I must try! 2 of my 3 children adore pb cups…so I’ll thank you from them ahead of time :)

  25. You know I am a huge fan of brownies!! These are over the top goodness!

  26. You’re a great Mom (and, I’m sure, win or lose, a popular lady with the guys in the box). I love, love, love this idea almost as much as I love Peanut Butter Cups. Another excuse to buy a bag.

  27. Wow! These are every peanut butter chocolate lovers dream! I agree with you on the baking and cooking with love – everything just tastes so much better when it is made with love.

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