Mixed Berry Tartlets Lightened up with Tillamook Light Fat Free Lemon Squeeze Yogurt


I received a generous sampling of light yogurts to review, a new product from Tillamook, the same people who make the cheddar cheese that I’ve enjoyed over the years.  I was thrilled to try their light yogurt flavors as I eat yogurt sprinkled with granola and berries almost everyday for breakfast.  I loved all the […]

Blueberry Tarragon Crumble Bar Cookies

I’ve grown French tarragon for years, it’s easy to grow, thrives on neglect and is always good chopped on green beans which I make a steady diet of in the summertime.  I also have a recipe for tarragon cookies which I could easily be persuaded to share.   Recently I’ve been branching out with my […]

Blueberry Sorbet with Lavender Cookies

Blueberry Sorbet, the second in my summer sorbet series, try saying that tongue twister a few times in a row! Even I didn’t know that I had a summer sorbet series going until just now, such a closely guarded secret. I was thinking about blueberry ice cream when I saw the pile of blueberries at […]

Blueberry Nectarine Cake

Blueberry Nectarine Cake / Patty's Food

As the summer fruit reaches its peak and begins to pile up at farmers markets in Northern California we like to enjoy it on a daily basis so the other day when I went to the market I loaded up on blueberries and nectarines. They looked, smelled and tasted amazing. So when I was asked […]