Brown Sugar Walnut Pound Cake

Brown Sugar Walnut Pound Cake / Patty's Food

  I love to bake with walnuts.  I think it comes from my formative years, growing up in a small tract home in Danville, California that was built on what was an old walnut orchard.  We had a huge walnut tree in our front yard and another one in the back.  I remember they were […]

Crèpes with Brown Sugar Pears and Crème Fraiche

I lost control of the crème fraiche here, I freely admit it.  As I spooned the crème fraiche over these brown sugar pear crèpes a strange feeling came over me, I couldn’t stop the flow and I didn’t care.  It became torture taking these photos as all I wanted was a forkful of warm pear […]

Island Dream Bars

These bars are plain looking and maybe with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and an orchid on the plate to dress them up they might look a little more tempting but one bite of the buttery cookie crust with a gooey rich topping full of macadamia nuts and coconut will convince you that these are […]