rhubarb ~ raspberry crisp

Rhubarb~Raspberry Crisp / Patty's Food

I made a new extremely generous friend in the produce aisle at Safeway yesterday.  I was looking everywhere for the fresh stalks of rhubarb and by the time I found them, a very nice man was already putting the last of the rhubarb, all 8 stalks, in his bag and when he saw my reaction-he […]

Apple Blackberry Crisp


  The following recipe for apple blackberry crisp could not be easier or more delicious and best of all I shared these  individual size crisps with my ‘littles’ and they loved them!  I used the last of the apples from the little green apple tree in my backyard- the one that took several years before […]

Plum and Nectarine Crisp

I did a little foraging on the golf course this weekend and brought home a golf bag pocket full of plums! Even though my husband Scott was a little annoyed by me stripping plums off a plum tree right next to the second tee box on Sunday afternoon instead of focusing on my drive, I […]