Spiced Whole Grain Ginger Cookies ~it’s a #GrainHoliday with Hodgson Mill~

Spiced Whole Grain Molasses Ginger Cookies / Patty's Food

The nice people at Hodgson Mill sent me a box with an assortment of their products including a bag of white whole wheat flour that they asked me to use in a recipe of my choice.  I admit it-I’m not as comfortable baking with whole grains, but I took the plunge this week and baked […]

2 Point White Chocolate Ginger Cookies

White Chocolate Ginger Mini Chippers / Patty's Food

  If you can have a small bowl of cookies under your roof and grab just one or two for munching when your sweet tooth is feeling neglected then this white chocolate ginger cookie recipe adapted from Weight Watchers-only 2 points each- is for you.  May I suggest placing these cookies in the freezer instead […]

White Chocolate Blondies with Cranberries, Pecans and Candied Ginger


  I feel like Target introducing Christmas before Thanksgiving with these pretty white chocolate blondies with cranberries, pecans and candied ginger but it’s Chocolate Party time and the theme for this month is chocolate baked with cranberries.  The first week of November is time to at least start thinking about if not planning our holiday […]

Poached Pear and Ginger Quick Bread

Poached Pear and Ginger Quick Bread / Patty Price / Patty's Food

Today is the first official day of bread baking season at my house, if I had a sign that said ‘bread baking season open’ I would hang it over my stove.  I have a long list of breads I want to make over the next few months so today I’m kicking off my season with […]

Tropical Rolled Spelt Cookies

Spelt is an ancient relative of wheat, full of protein, fiber and iron, it’s known for being kind to our tummies and it’s nutrients are easily absorbed into our bodies.  I just recently started using spelt flour in my baking which is very similar to whole wheat pastry flour. I like using spelt for cookies, […]

Melon Berry Soup with Triple Ginger Cookies for French Fridays with Dorie

Good morning French Friday!  I missed you last week but am happy to be back and in better form than last week.  Dorie’s cold melon soup could not have come  at a better time for me as I have been recuperating from a major dental surgery which required eating only foods that are nourishing with […]

Banana Ginger Macadamia Nut Coffee Cake

This is the first of two easy and quick recipes that I made this week from the ripe bananas collecting dust on my kitchen counter.  Don’t worry, they were collecting dust on the peel not on the part I used for these recipes!  The good news is that both recipes can be made from start […]

Gingerbread Scones and A Tour of Pixar

I loaded these scones up with spices, cranberries and walnuts then covered all their spicy  fresh baked goodness with a light vanilla scented glaze.  Why did I do this?  Just to make the house smell divine or to add to my stash of homemade baked goods? Yes, all of the above but also to say […]

Ginger Macadamia Nut Pound Cake

I served this ginger macadamia nut pound cake with the pineapple sorbet from my last post and don’t get me wrong, they were good together, ask my husband Scott.  But I would serve slices of this mildly spicy and delicate crumbed cake with afternoon tea or coffee any day of the week in a heart […]

Key Lime-Ginger Marmalade with Macadamia Nut Scones

Our friends in Palm Desert gave us a large bag of key limes, I guess you’re not actually suppose to call them ‘key limes’ if they don’t grow in the Florida Keys but I’m going to call them key limes in this recipe because I like the way it sounds and it’s my blog. I’ve […]