Apple Blackberry Crisp


  The following recipe for apple blackberry crisp could not be easier or more delicious and best of all I shared these  individual size crisps with my ‘littles’ and they loved them!  I used the last of the apples from the little green apple tree in my backyard- the one that took several years before […]

Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese, Apple & Walnut Quiche for French Fridays


I arrived at the cheese counter fully planning to pick up the soft mild blue cheese from Italy called for in the recipe, but after a few minutes of perusing the blue cheese section I made the decision to go local. It wasn’t that difficult with a hunk of Point Reyes original blue cheese staring […]

Apple Spelt Pound Cake

apple spelt pound cake / Patty's Food

I’m a happy camper this year as I have more apples on my trees than ever before, enough for me and whatever animals are feasting on them at night.  I feel like laying out a blanket and a picnic hamper, maybe some tooth picks or a few after dinner mints?  The apples are tart and […]