Brown Butter Apple Tartlets

Brown Butter Apple Tartlets / Patty's Food

My brown butter apple tartlets made with the last of my Gravenstein apples went fast! I like to bake with Gravenstein apples during their short season, but any tart baking apple would work well in this simple recipe. I used purchased pie dough for an even quicker batch of apple tartlets but feel free to […]

Caramel Apple Jam

Caramel Apple Jam / Patty's Food

Attention Gravenstein apple lovers! The all too short but oh-so-delicious Gravenstein apple season is under way in Sonoma County! This past Saturday at my favorite Santa Rosa farmers market I met a nice lady from Walker’s Apples and picked up a 5 pound bag of my favorite Gravenstein apples. I bought enough for both this […]

Smoked Trout Salad with Key Lime Mustard Dressing and A Cookbook Giveaway!

Today I’m making an apple pound cake because all I can think about is baking with apples, I think I’ve become obsessed.  Baking with apples is one of my favorite things to do especially when I notice the birds and most likely raccoons are eating my apples from the back yard tree before I could […]

French Apple Tart with Gravenstein Apples & Spelt Pastry

If I had to pick my favorite apple it would be Gravenstein and my favorite way to eat it that would be easy- in a french apple tart.  A generous slice of  french apple tart is an ideal food for every meal, especially breakfast. I even made it healthy with Spelt flour.  Actually I used […]

Gravenstein Apple Tart

I want to share a bit of history and information about my favorite apple before I give you the recipe for this wonderful tart. Gravenstein is a variety of apple native to Denmark. The variety was discovered in 1669 as a seedling, there is evidence that it may have originated in Italy and come north […]