Nutella Biscotti with Hazelnuts & Chocolate

Nutella Biscotti with hazelnuts & Chocolate / Patty's Food

Thankfully I still have a small stash of crumbly good hazelnut and chocolate filled Nutella biscotti wrapped up and tucked away in my kitchen for this coming weekend-the rest of my biscotti is either on it’s way or has arrived in Athens, Greece – that’s right GREECE not Georgia!  Sending this batch of Nutella biscotti […]

French Yogurt Cake with A Nutella Swirl

French Yogurt Cake with a Nutella Swirl / Patty's Food

  The week between Christmas and New Years is always a time for lists.  The top ten movies, greatest sporting events, biggest disasters, Hollywood divorces, things that made us feel good, things that made us feel bad etc.  So, inspired by my French Yogurt Cake, I would like to add my own top ten list- […]

Nutella Tartines for French Fridays On Homemade White Bread for Tuesdays with Dorie


Oh wow these tartines were good made with toasted homemade white bread slathered with butter, orange marmalade, drizzled with Nutella and sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts.  Such a treat and wonderful idea from Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.  This recipe is one of my favorites this month for  French Fridays with Dorie, please check out […]

Speculoos with Nutella Sandwich Cookies

The house smells like Christmas with spices like cinnamon, ginger and cloves from the speculoos cookies I baked today for a cookie exchange later this week.  The idea for sandwiching these fragrant spicy cookies together with Nutella comes from the Bonne Idee note next to the speculoos recipe in Around My French Table by Dorie […]