Whiskey Pear Tart

Whiskey Pear Tart / Patty Price / Patty's Food

Today is my son Taylor’s 28th birthday, he’s spending the weekend in Minnesota for his job with the SF 49ers so we celebrated his birthday earlier this week with dinner at Cotogna, a restaurant close to our office in San Francisco.  We’ve been to Cotogna for lunch a few times and enjoyed their rustic Italian […]

Crèpes with Brown Sugar Pears and Crème Fraiche

I lost control of the crème fraiche here, I freely admit it.  As I spooned the crème fraiche over these brown sugar pear crèpes a strange feeling came over me, I couldn’t stop the flow and I didn’t care.  It became torture taking these photos as all I wanted was a forkful of warm pear […]

Upside Down Pear Chocolate Skillet Cake

Organic Bartlett Pears and of course there’s a story to go with this cake.  I spent a summer when I was 17 living at my cousin’s ranch in Lake County.  I worked in a pear packing shed during the short season when the pears are harvested. I remember the nights were hot and the days […]