Iced Spelt Persimmon Cookies

persimmon cookies / Patty's Food

With a few adaptions, such as using spelt flour, these are the same cookies we made every year when our neighbors gave us a bag of ripe persimmons from their tree.  So, last Saturday at the farmer’s market when I saw the display of ripe, cookie ripe, persimmons I could only think of one thing…make […]

Persimmon Spelt Tea Bread with Toasted Walnuts

 As most of us slip back into our post holiday routines I realize that simple baking is one of my favorite pastimes and that baking on Tuesday mornings makes the most sense as that is the day I pick up Noah, my grandson, from school.  Noah has a sweet tooth, like me, and I really […]

Persimmon Muffins with Bittersweet Chocolate Chunks and A Cookie Recipe

Just for fun I’m also including a recipe for persimmon cookies so please keep reading.  Now back to the muffins…I found a recipe for chocolate persimmon muffins which I’m trying for the first time from one of my favorite new cookbooks, ‘Good To The Grain’ by Kim Boyce.  Her description of the fresh baked muffins […]