brown butter vanilla bean weekend cake~baking chez moi

Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake from Baking Chez Moi / Patty's Food

After a second try using a loaf pan and an addition of  brown butter vanilla bean glaze, this simple brown butter vanilla bean weekend cake turned out to be a keeper recipe, just the way I imagined it would be.  The first time I tried this recipe it was a colossal disappointment and I’m guessing […]

Vanilla Hazelnut Biscotti

Vanilla Hazelnut Biscotti / Patty's Food

Simple baking projects, like making homemade biscotti, are my favorites.  This week  I made two cakes that sounded good in print but didn’t turn out – maybe they contained too much fruit layered into the raw batter or were under baked (?) but they both had terrible sort of mushy textures.  The first cake was […]

Caramel Apple Jam

Caramel Apple Jam / Patty's Food

Attention Gravenstein apple lovers! The all too short but oh-so-delicious Gravenstein apple season is under way in Sonoma County! This past Saturday at my favorite Santa Rosa farmers market I met a nice lady from Walker’s Apples and picked up a 5 pound bag of my favorite Gravenstein apples. I bought enough for both this […]