Potato Zatar Focaccia

  For the first time in the history of my blog, almost two years this March(!) I created two posts in one afternoon.  It’s official, I am now feeling like a highly organized woman.  Well, maybe I shouldn’t go that far but it felt pretty good to have a baking/cooking extravaganza in my kitchen and […]

Potato Mustard Bread

Comfort Food for me is homemade bread sliced while slightly warm from the oven with a bowl of homemade soup. I decided to serve my potato mustard bread with potato leek soup.  I made a small salad but didn’t really need it as the soup was filling with a slice of the bread.  If you […]

Banana Yeast Bread

I found this recipe for banana yeast bread at Monet’s anecdotes and apple cores on my computer this morning and by this afternoon I was enjoying a wonderful PBJ sandwich on my own freshly baked bread. Thank you Monet, modern technology, my pantry, mixer and oven. And don’t forget the ripe bananas on my counter! […]