The Rugelach that won over France from Baking Chez Moi

the rugelach that won over France/Patty'sFoodMy latest Tuesdays with Dorie Baking project is a delicious rugelach filled with shredded coconut, toasted pecans, bittersweet chocolate chips and plump dried cherries sprinkled over cinnamon sugar and melted butter spread on a tender cream cheese dough.  After reading the recipe from Baking Chez Moi,  I immediately decided to double the recipe.  I’m glad I made extra cookies because the original recipe baked enough for us to enjoy with extras for sharing and I still have a stash in my freezer to bake off later this month for a holiday party. There are many recipes for rugelach out there but Dorie’s recipe uses the classic dough; made up of cream cheese, butter, flour and sea salt.  The filling is where the fun begins, as just about any variation you come up will work smeared on and rolled up in the tender and light dough.

I baked my cookies cut both in small spirals as shown in the photos and after freezing the dough overnight I baked a second batch using larger pieces baked with the seams down on the baking sheet.  Both ways worked fine with two entirely different looks, sorry I didn’t photograph the second batch as I baked them at night with zero light for the pictures. The only note I would make on the recipe as written is that at least for me, I could not slice the frozen cookie dough ( it broke apart) I had to let it sit out at room temperature for 10-15 minutes or until softer before slicing into the cookies. Here are both notes on making rugelach and a recipe from Dorie Greenspan. Please check out the other Tuesdays with Dorie Bakers creations here. the rugelach that won over France / Patty's Foodthe rugelach that won over France/Patty's Food

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  1. Yours look beautiful! I fear I am in the minority this week with all the issues I had figuring out the dough! But I finally mastered it and will be making these again soon!

  2. These rugelach look so beautiful and delicious, Patty.

  3. Very pretty plating…so tempting. I made half a batch and marvel at your ability to double the batch and be able to leave them alone…that doesn’t happen here, the guys eat whatever I make as fast as I make it. :-) Your cookies look wonderful.

  4. Jeff Howe says:

    Nice job! They look really good.

  5. Your rugelach look great Patty! I found the dough with the chunky filling hard to manage, but the end result tasted great.

  6. Lovely cookies! I wish I’d made a batch for the freezer – they disappeared all too quickly here.

  7. Hi Patti! These sound wonderful! Perfect for a holiday party!

  8. Oh Happy Holidays! Such sumptuous Rugelach! The filling of shredded coconut, toasted pecans, bittersweet chocolate chips and plump dried cherries sprinkled over cinnamon sugar is just sensational. I imagine I would also need to double the recipe if I wanted any left to share!

  9. These look great, Patty! I love all of the goodies in this recipe. Perfect for holiday entertaining!

  10. I’m SO glad to see you blogging, Patty! I’ve missed you. Of course, I had to skip the last two recipes b/c of the picky hubby. We have WAY to many treats around our house to bake up something that I’d have to eat all by myself :) Your rugelach looks divine no matter how you cut them!

  11. Your rugelach looks perfect, Patty! After reading the P&Q’s I was worried about taking these on! I was quite pleased with the dough and flavor…but I think I like my tried and true rugelach best! So glad to be blogging with you again!!

  12. Your photos are gorgeous! I too doubled the recipe and then made another for the freezer.

  13. Patty, they really look wonderful. Mine were a mess, but delicious. I am definitely going to do this

  14. They look so good! I love all of the fillings in these- I can see why it doubling the recipe is a good idea! :)

  15. kitchen flavours says:

    Your cookies looks wonderful, perfectly made! Mine fall apart when I sliced the logs and we were eating pieces of baked crumbs! Neverthless, these were yummy!

  16. Mine started out upright but toppled over… a cookie worth experimenting with for sure!

  17. Yours look great! I had trouble slicing them when they were frozen, too. I only baked a few so far, so when I bake the rest, I’ll let the rolls thaw a bit. Merry Christmas!

  18. Sounds like they were a bit of a challenge, but they sure were yummy. I loved the ample amount of filling to dough ratio. I saved the crackle tart recipe for later when I’m not so stuffed from cookies. He he. Merry Christmas Patty dear!!!

  19. Oh, the ever-reliable Dorie G! Love her work! Love her recipes! I tend to enjoy rugelach for breakfast, and this is so enticing. Looks almost like a cinnamon roll.

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