Whiskey Pear Tart

Today is my son Taylor’s 28th birthday, he’s spending the weekend in Minnesota for his job with the SF 49ers so we celebrated his birthday earlier this week with dinner at Cotogna, a restaurant close to our office in San Francisco.  We’ve been to Cotogna for lunch a few times and enjoyed their rustic Italian food.  For this special ‘birthday’ dinner I decided to bake this week’s Baked Sunday Morning’s assigned Whiskey Pear Tart and bring it to Cotogna for Taylor’s birthday dessert. I poached the pears, made the sweet tart dough and the almond cream filling the night before, this recipe has quite a few steps!  The morning of the birthday dinner I baked off the tart shell, let it cool and spread it with a double batch of the almond cream filling as the amount called for in the recipe didn’t look like it would be enough for the size of tart pan I used.  I sliced my poached pears halves, nestled them into the filling and baked in a hot oven until the filling puffed and turned golden brown.  The next step was making the glaze which is brushed on the tart before serving.  I also doubled the amount of poached pears called for in the recipe as I wanted to have extras for my size tart pan and in case a few fall apart while poaching, extra poached pears will always get used up in my kitchen.
The recipe for Whiskey Pear Tart can be found here at Baked Sunday Mornings.  Everybody loved this whiskey pear tart.  Who knew how good a generous splash of Jack Daniels could be with poached pears, in the almond cream filling and whisked into the glaze brushed on top.  Cotogna did a wonderful job of serving it, first bringing it out of the kitchen to our table  with the candles lit  then cutting it into pieces and serving each slice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.   Happy Birthday Taylor!  Check out those glistening slices of poached pears in the light of the birthday candles, I like this idea of serving a birthday tart for a change up from the standard cake.  My Whiskey Pear Tart accompanied by a small jar of the pear poaching liquid/whiskey glaze  traveled well into the city, first by car, then by ferry (from Larkspur Terminal to the Ferry Building), by foot up to our office in the financial district and finally to the restaurant where it looked pretty good considering the journey.  We all enjoyed a slice of tart as the sweet finish to our wonderful dinner.

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  1. Happy birthday, Taylor! “Who knew how good a generous splash of Jack Daniels could be with poached pears, in the almond cream filling and whisked into the glaze brushed on top. ” You’re killing me here, at a very early hour, no less. EXCELLENT job as always, Miss Patty!

  2. This tart is just stunning, Patty! What a lovely dessert for a birthday celebration!

  3. Holy GORGEOUS pear tart {with a splash of jack}!!! This looks sensational, Patty! Happy Birthday to your son, Taylor!

  4. love the way you arranged the pears in this tart! it looks delicious! a very happy birthday to your son!

  5. I made this tart once, and it would make me happy to have it as a birthday cake. It´s so flavorful! Jack Daniels is my absolute favorite whisky to bake with. Hope your son had a great day!

  6. Pears and whiskey aren’t a combination I would have thought of, but I like them both! What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. (And I like the idea of a birthday tart, too!)

  7. This tart ranks in the top five of all of the amazing treats Patty shares with me.

  8. Here’s to wishing your son a very happy birthday! This tart looks and sound simply amazing!!! I have not been to Cotogna but if you recommend it, then I know it is good. I have the baked cookbook and need to make this tart. Lovely photos!!!

  9. Wow, Patty that tart looked heavenly and perfect for a birthday celebration. We like to change up the regular birthday cake too by making other desserts. I love how the pears look in your tart and kudos for you in taking pictures of your tart on top of all the other things to get the tart to the party.

  10. Wow, yours came out beautifully! Looks delicious!

  11. Now this is my kind of birthday cake! Just as beautiful as delicious. Belated happy birthday to Taylor :)

  12. That is one good looking tart! Love the square pan and the placement of the pears! Beautiful!

  13. Well, Patty, that just looks gorgeous! I bet your decision to double the pears and the almond cream filling made this a slam dunk! Happy Birthday to your son (and as I like to say to my friends—Congratulations on surviving another year of mommy-hood!)!

  14. Patty….what an absolutely gorgeous and stunning tart! Wow! I’m sorry I missed this week! Hope you enjoyed a great birthday celebration with your son! : )

  15. Love, love the arrangement of the pears. Absolutely gorgeous! What a very lucky birthday boy!

  16. Oh how beautiful Patty!!! I’ve been thinking and looking around for pear recipes.. with them hitting the market.. and this is gorgeous.. with a generous helping of whisky.. perfect for winter!!!

  17. What a fantastic pear tart! Love the addition of whisky! The tart must be tasting marvelous!
    Happy birthday, Taylor!

  18. Happy Birthday Taylor! For the record you look way too young to have a son that age. I love that shape tart pan, This sounds like a perfect way to end a wonderful birthday evening.

  19. Lora @cakeduchess says:

    Happy Birthday to Taylor. Sounds like he has a really cool job. And an even cooler mom;)LOVE this gorgeous pear tart. This is my favorite kind of dessert. Simple and so lovely.

  20. Happy Birthday to your son! Sorry to say, I am a Viking fan. Definitely an interesting game on Sunday.

  21. Happy Birthday to you son, Patty! Your post reminds me that we’ve never been able to meet up in SF for lunch–hope to remedy that soon.

    I love what you’ve been making with pears. Have yet to bake with them this season but you’re certainly inspiring me. :)

  22. Happy belated birthday Taylor!
    The pear tart sounds delicious! I love baking with pears and apples this time of the year.

  23. Forget cake – when you can have pears with JD and almond cream! Beautiful.

  24. I agree with Priscilla’s comment…”forget the cake”…Absolutely divine and gorgeous pear tart! I am certain your son Taylor had a wonderful birthday, thanks to his awesome mom with the special BD pear tart!

  25. Happy Belated Birthday Taylor! You are such a good mom making homemade cake! Whiskey pear tart sounds wonderful for your grownup son!

  26. I can’t resist poached pears in almond frangipane filling and tart dough! It’s the perfect combination! A dessert made in heaven, in my humble opinion!

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