zucchini bread with walnuts and chocolate

Baking with zucchini is a time honored gardener’s Summertime activity.  First we grow the zucchini, maybe even grow multiple plants because they are so easy to grow, then we say, ‘what do I do with all my zucchini?’  Bags of zucchini and recipes that range from breads, cakes, pickles to delicious side dishes for dinner pass hands all Summer long. So, here is my contribution to that parade of zucchini recipes.  I know I’m getting a lot of mileage from old Food and Wine magazine recipes but here’s another one from my file that looked good.  I tried to resist, slightly tried to resist, but ended up adding chocolate chips to their original recipe but they can easily be left out if you prefer a chocolate free zucchini bread.  You might consider trying this recipe for a healthy tender loaf of bread that makes good use of vine grown zucchini that surely will be flooding everyone’s kitchen later this Summer.



  1. Now that is one gorgeous bread, Patty! I could totally go for a slice right now :)

  2. Zucchini bread with chocolate is one of my favorites! What a perfect snack or breakfast. The chocolate chips are a must for me :).

  3. Patty,
    Your zucchini bread is gorgeous and inviting, especially with the chocolate chips. I don’t have a garden, but my neighbor does, so she is already giving zucchini to me to bake with. I’m the neighborhood baker. I will soon be making some version of Zucchini bread, but I do know I want to add the Greek yougurt.

  4. Hi Patty,
    Your loaf looks so pretty. Baking with zucchini has long been on my list to try. I’m always amazed how well zucchini pairs with sweet. Glad you shared this with us, it is really inspiring me:)

  5. I’ve seen zucchini and walnut combination before but not with chocolate! This is so unique and really delicious! I love that zucchini bright green bits and pieces are showing from the slices. They are so pretty!! My children will not hesitate to eat this bread as long as there is a magic word “chocolate” in it. =)

  6. Mmmm, this looks delicious. I’d love to grow my own zucchini so I could make stuffed zucchini flowers, which are hard to come by here.

  7. I’ve never seen zucchini bread made with chocolate but hey, no complaints here. I bet I’d eat the entire loaf. Great recipe for all the zucchini in your garden, too. I bet you can make this bread again and again and no one would tire of it. I wouldn’t! :)

    • pattysfood says:

      Thanks Jean! From the looks of the zucchini in my garden, I’ll be making a few loaves of bread this Summer!

  8. Hi there! Been missing all your super-tabulous recipes. My daughter loves zucchini muffins and I’ve never tried them with chocolate. Boy your new space looks so good, love your color choices it really reminds me of you. I’m still digging out over here but I’m looking forward to next week.

    • pattysfood says:

      Hi Gina, thanks! I would love your zucchini muffin recipe and I look forward to catching up next week :-)

  9. I never had bread with this combination and I find it so interesting Patty! It looks delicious!

  10. Patty, I love zucchini season and all the ways there is to eat it. I made some zucchini bread too before I left home to come to my parents house and it was so good! Yours looks great I used chocolate chips too :)

  11. Patty – love that you are reviving old recipes from Food and Wine magazines. I have SOOOO many old issues of Food & Wine, Gourmet and Bon Appetite – just need to find time to browse through them. This bread looks and sounds amazing! Nicely done. Hope your week is going well. :-)

  12. I love zucchini bread, it is one of my favorite quick breads! The chocolate and walnuts are a great addition to what I normally do!

  13. Patty, this looks totally AWESOME! That’s a genius combo of flavours.

  14. This looks amazing!

  15. Beautiful zucchini bread Patty, I so like the idea of adding walnut and chocolate chips…it sure brings the zucchini bread in a total new dimension. Love it!
    Hope you are enjoying your week :)

  16. I just baked banana bread the other day. It’s time to put some veggie in my bread!

  17. I love zucchini bread and haven’t made it in at least 20 years. Yours sounds delicious. Now you’ve inspired me!

  18. What a lovely, hearty summer bread! My zucchini have been slow growing but I can’t wait to try this!

  19. First time I see zucchini with chocolate! I’m intrigued! Recipe to be tired..Thanks!

  20. I’ve had plenty of chocolate-free zucchini bread. Bring on the chocolate! Sadly, or maybe not so sadly, we left our zucchini crop for the new owners – hope she cooks ;)

  21. that’s a gorgeous looking loaf of bread Patty. I love zucchini bread and love love love throwing in some choco-chips. who would not want a slice?

  22. Zucchini bread with chocolate and walnuts? My, I am in heaven…Will try this recipe for sure!

  23. This zucchini bread is so pretty. I love how you an clearly see all the different elements in the bread.

  24. I can’t wait to get my hands on some more zucchini! This looks so full of flavor and a nice change from the chocolate zucchini breads we usually make! Love that you used bittersweet chocolate bits instead of semi-sweet.

  25. I made this zucchini bread today and it’s AMAZING! Thank you for the recipe.

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